Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reuben Saves the Day! (or the household)



Have you ever saved for something and then gotten exactly what you wanted?  isn’t it a glorious feeling?  I am only a dog but I have also had that moment of pure joy .  Actually, that moment was this morning.   I saved and saved and saved and then urinated all over Owner’s carpet. She deserved it.

You see we are fostering a little dog from Second Chance.  He’s a baby; Reuben is his name and mixed up heritage is his game.     Apparently he is a downright perfect specimen of dog.   He has the perfect amount of energy, perfect markings,  and perfect little floppy ears.  It’s not Reuben that got me all pissed off, literally.  It’s Owner’s falsetto…..oooh Reuben, aren’t you CUUUUUUTE!!!   Oh Reuben, you are so SMART – you peed on the grass!  Well for God’s sake, he’s supposed to pee on the grass at least that’s the rule I am made to abide by.   My God you’d think he’d invented puppyhood the way she carries on.  Her voice is so squeaky when she talks to him that it hurts my eardrums and I’m pretty good with high-pitched noises.  Lest I forget…he loved having a bath in the shower; suds  seemed to agree with his perfect little body.

Actually, to be honest.  I think it is good he came into our house this week.  Owner could not stop crying about the brutal beating Xiongxiong, my Chinese cousin endured  in Shanghai.   His crime?  He escaped from his garden and a  neighbour called the police.  From the description of how David found him, tied by a leg to a tree and dying, it is amazing baby  Xiong survived.  He’s only 7 months old and a darling little Samoyed.  At the moment it looks like he will pull through; his will to live was doubtful there for a while. 


Reuben, the Second Chance puppy, made Owner laugh again. .  He jumps as high as he can and then falls down on his side because he’s lost his balance when he’s three feet up in the air.  He chases balls.  He snuggles up to her in the evening to keep her feet warm.  He tugs my ears to make me play.  Last week Owner couldn’t laugh and this week she can. Reuben brought that lightheartedness back into our home.


  He doesn’t cry in his crate at night. He enjoys long walks. He drinks his water just as messily as I do so I’m finally off the hook for being a water-drinking slob.  He figured out the grass at the corner is his toilet  on the very first day.  Today he started to march around the living room to let Owner know he needed outside and then went to the front door…..damn show off! (did I mention he’s only been here two days; his brain must be immense in that cute little head of his.)   I bet he’s smart enough to learn to ring a bell when he wants to go out like my friend, Mars, in Phoenix. If someone wanted to train him to do that obstacle course that dog’s do…Reuben is smart, fast, and definitely your man.

He’s a great guy and he deserves a fabulous home.  If someone wants a hiking dog, he’s  going to grow into that. He loves other dogs. He finds chidlren interesting; I don’t. He didn’t know how to use the stairs when he arrived but he’s got them down pat.  He runs up and down them just for fun…it irritates me no end to see him do that.  It takes me some work to  haul my ass upstairs now (arthritis!).    He just wants and needs a forever home.  He’s been at Second Chance for a while  and he’s ready to leave his friends there and move on.  I can tell he’s a real homebody.  Somebody out there must want him.  Oh yeah, can’t forget to tell you he now sits for  Owner on  command to get nibbles of  biscuit….I love that about him because my biscuit quotient has gone up too since he arrived and I don’t do a damn thing.

OK…I really like him.  He’s a great dude.  I just think he needs to find his own home.  I can’t pee on the carpet many more times or I might get in trouble.  If you think you’d like to meet my sleepover pal, Reuben,  call Second Chance in Ridgway 970.626.2273 and say…hey, where’s that pup  that’s getting all the great press in Telluride Dog Blog. If you are full up with dogs and cats at your house, think of a friend who might deserve to own such a fine specimen as Reuben.  They will never regret their decision.  He’s as loyal as the day is long. 

By the way,  Owner would call him MEX for Mexican Jumping Bean. I have to agree.  See ya later.



Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back Where I Belong!



Well I could be cruel but that would just be cruel.  I thought about putting this little video gem at the end of the posting.  However, for those of you who never read to the end you’d never see it.  Owner sits and hits play and then play again and then play again and laughs every time.  I’m starting to get worried about her. If you can’t get this to work just go to you tube and type in the title below… will work then.  Even I find this funny.


We have lot of friends who wonder why we live in Telluride.  It can be difficult to get to.  We have blizzards. You can’t ski every day; well some people can but that’s a whole different problem. I decided you needed a dog’s eye  photos of why they live here.  It’s for ME.   Does it get any better than this for a dog? Xiongxiong… on over and check us out.  You’d go crazy here.


Who doesn’t want a fun town with  tons to do and a short period of time during the year  when the Main Street is empty at 12:00 noon.  It gives peace and quality of life in this  fast-paced world.


Does this even need an explanation?  This is my view as I trek into town along a burbling stream?


Dandelions, every child’s favourite flower for making chains and fairy crowns are NOT considered illegal!  I like them too.


Bears come to town….yup, the real kind. If I hear them at night I growl giving me a sense of  protecting Owner and Curly.



Best of all though is dogs get to do dog stuff. Unleashed.



Sign notwithstanding…It says something like “dogs must be leashed at all times.”  I’m sure it doesn’t refer to me.



So good to be home.  So good to have owner up and moving and breathing.  So good to have Spring springing into place.  See ya later.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hey Guys, how ya been?



back to blogging I go in memory of Chelsea, a fellow Chowbrador

If you have to ask, then you don’t have back problems.  It is just more comfortable for me to lie half in and half out of my very expensive bed than it is to be all curled up.  It works for me.

It’s true that I haven’t written for a while.  My brain dried out.  Every time owner looked at me I knew she was wondering what I was thinking and feeling. My new dwelling spot became anywhere Curly was ‘cause he’s not into that touchy feely stuff so much and the pressure was off.  

A new Facebook fan  asked if I was going to post any more blogs and this jostled me into action. Her dog, Chelsea, who so sadly passed away unexpectedly, was a doppelgänger for yours truly. I swear you would not have been able to tell us apart.  Apparently we both have the same delightful personalities, so much so that both owner and Chelsea’s owner swear we should be a breed unto ourselves.  I wholeheartedly agree. Chowbradors unite!!! Demand recognition. We are top dog quality.

Casey Daily Planet Photo

There’s a new dog in our family.  A grand dog for owner and a cousin for me, but the bad news is he lives in China.   Damn it all…this dog is going to be gorgeous.  Not only that but the darn thing is bilingual.  This dog is preparing for the new world; he speaks English and Mandarin.  076However, he speaks both in a high-squealed pitch since he had his balls chopped off this week.  Serves the little pup right for trying to take over in the cuteness factor in our household.   Everywhere owner went with him in Shanghai, people stopped to gawk and talk.

  Xiongxiong (shongshong) means little/little or bear/bear.  BUT if you say it properly it means Little Bear.  David got mad at owner for sounding “tres sophistique” by pronouncing it Jeanjean.  After three weeks she had it down pat .What was hilarious to owner is that David’s high school and university language teachers would fall over in a faint if they heard him chattering away in Chinese about his dog.  David? speaking a foreign lanuage?  huh?  impossible!  Incroyable!! (said in French to show you I’m not quite the dumb dog Xiongxiong may think I am.)  

Samoyeds are one of the few breeds popular in Shanghai which doesn’t make sense.  It is brutally hot in the summer time.  However, the apartments stay very cold due to the marble floors and the way the buildings are designed.  In fact in winter, when it is very very cold, the buildings are almost impossible to get warm inside.  They don’t have any central heating and it is colder inside than out

Who doesn’t love a puppy, especially in a country where they eat dogs? Just kidding.

(keeping the print small so as not to offend, use your imagination if you want..and no they never went here, they would never go here, this is just a menu someone showed them.)

Dog meat anyone

  I don’t think anyone owner and Curly met thought about eating Xiongxiong but they were curious.  Many were even very frightened.  The most frightened was the hotel attendant who bent down for  a pat when the little guy dove for his balls….the attendant let out quite a squeal and was quick to protect himself with his hands.   Then Xiong knocked over the large sand-filled ashtray outside the hotel. Instantaneously an important person from the “delighted to serve” staff  came outside to tell owner….”this hotel no regulating for dogs.”  She took it to mean get the heck off the property!  She did.

(dish of duck tongues for sale…reallly delicious according to Leta, David’s girlfriend, native Shanghainese)


Eating food was really hard for Owner while she was away.  Curly ate everything.  He kind of fell into that rule of thumb… everything with four legs except tables and anything that flies except airplanes.  Owner was not quite as convinced this was the way to go.  She couldn’t get her  mind wrapped around “duck web” soup or roasted “duck beak.” “Sliced fried pig’s ears”….well her stomach was a little out of sorts that day.  When David said that he didn’t think Leta’s blood soup was really blood soup, she replied oh yes, these long dark strands are blood.  Oh, yum!  Owner thought about eating shrimp in a cyrbelium format but didn’t know what it was so stuck to Peking Duck – who knew the Chinese invented fajitas!

(unidentified objects in background, undoubtedly delicious according to Leta)


Just so you can envision the restaurant.  It was actually lovely.  It was on the third, fourth and fifth floor of a large tower.  The tables were great.  It was clean and modern.  The only problem was that it was windowless and everyone smokes in the waiting area.  This smoking takes place in a country where already the air particulate count is four times higher than we regard as the most dangerous level for humans. (trust me Owner suffered, suffered, suffered, and is still suffering from this air pollution.) You are crammed in an airless, windowless room waiting for your

Abe in restaur Beijinganttable with fifty or sixty of the heaviest smoking dudes on the planet.   Curly knew Owner couldn’t handle it and found her a small breezeway to wait for their table.  Leta probably thinks Owner is a big whiner but let’s face it we live in Telluride, home of clean air and no smoking.

locusts on the left and large snails son the right, delicious according to Leta

Snails and Locusts Beijing

Being a worrywart Owner also thought a lot about this issue…if there is a fire, we will NEVER get out of here.  Luckily there was no fire, the meal was great and she survived the smoke.

God only knows (looks like bat if you ask me?)  but  I’m sure it is delicous according to Leta.

David eating Shanghai

Speaking Chinese is almost impossible.  There are many tones for words, words that go up in sound, words that go down, words that say in the same sound range…and something else..up and  down in one breath?  Who knows.  At any rate Owner has always prided herself on doing really well with languages. Mandarin had her beat.  Learning to say thank you 90% properly took three weeks.  It sounds a bit like Sheiiisheiiii..but you can never quite get your ears wrapped around where those sounds are going.  On the night of Peking Duck she practiced the word for tea…..”cha”.  She had it down pat until the waiter came.  He looked at her and said TEA?  Damn!!!

owner eating Spider


just’s dried tea leaf,she never heard anyone ate spider

After the meal we headed out to Snake Street. Luckily it was really Snack Street.  Leta has a bit of difficulty with differentiating between Snake and Snack….a lot like Owner with her Chinese.   David engaged in tons of bartering with the local sellers who get an enormous charge out of a 6’2” blue eyed boy arguing with them about their goods and their prices.  Hilarity ensued.

duck is just duck right..but the head is really delicious according to Leta


And what should we spy here?  Perhaps we wanted a little after meal snack?  Well why  not scorpion on  a shishkebab sticks.   Large platters of snails and locusts were also available if you just wanted a little protein kick to start your evening.  Well they don’t eat a lot of sugar and you might as well snack on something you like.   To everyone’s great fortune a couple hearty Brit boys came along and they really felt like a snack of Scorpion.  When I figure out how to get that little video up and running….you shall

Scorpions, seahorse, and starfish ready for snacking upon.  Horrible idea for a snack and Leta would never try one.  FINALLY

Scorpions 1

be the first to see them chow down on the little wrigglers. These boys were some hearty travellers.  They had already feasted (and hold on to your hats and don’t get mad at me as I’m only the messenger not the chef) on cat, dog and snake.  They found cat the tastiest.  Well, as a dog I can’t really disagree with that although I’ve never really managed to catch one of the critters.  Maybe I should go to  China and check the little meow’s out. (ouch! I felt that slap)

So Owner has a lot of China stories.  Some will have you rolling on the floor laughing.  Just a teaser, anyone need a massage? And, no, it’s not what you think.

Xiongxiong – Cute and bilingual


me – Unlingual but Cutest of the Cute


OK…not my best look fresh out of the shower


It feels good to be back. See ya later.


Leo on the bed

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Hallowe’en





Between pumpkin carving and travelling 1,200 miles we are exhausted.   So this week…just a few jack o’lantern photos to enjoy.

I usually stay away from sharp objects.


I think I know this guy!


My friend Eloise says to eat your veggies.



Good Lord this is taking forever



Jack loves me too – look at his grin!


  I hear a bunch of people are coming over tomorrow to make fools of themselves so I should have some good material for you next week.  AND, a few dogs are likely dropping by too.  How lucky am I.  I LOVE Hallowe’en…..maybe not as much as Owner’s Dad  (81) who spent two hours in the  costume department sorting out his costume for this Hallowe’en.  Now there’s a guy who really gets the importance of letting loose and being a kid forever!   Stay safe.  See ya later.


Sunday, October 17, 2010


OUCH.  I would not want to be a human for anything.  Everybody tries to please everybody else and sometimes it just goes terribly wrong.

Settle in and put on a warm sweater  because it is going to get a little chilly around here.  Owner knows she’s not as “up” as Curly. If you read my posts regularly you know he’s the type of guy up for anything, any time, anywhere. Owner….not so much.  When she’s up for something she’s 100% in but if she’s not, she ain’t even showing up.  One raised eyelid over her bulging eyeball and Curly knows that his great idea has been shot down AGAIN.

So owner sat and thought about her generally less than boisterous attitude all week and decided she needed to get her act together.  I stood behind her loyally because that’s just what dogs do even though I knew it meant me being left at home alone for hours.  She came up with two great ideas.  1.  Go to a presentation at the Houston Zoo by a world acclaimed naturalist/photographer.  Unfortunately Curly couldn’t go as he had Australians he had to meet with.  OK no go, on with the backup plan. 2.  Go to some musical repertory theatre downtown.  Curly was on that like glue but  came up with his own play he wanted to go and see.  It was a one-woman comedy written and acted by a young Canadian.  NOW Owner knew she had to agree to this because a) she never wants to do anything that involves driving downtown and b) she is always telling  Curly to PLEASE pick something you would like to do.  She was between a rock and a hard place if you get my drift; she had to agree that his play was at least as good as the one she had picked out.

They looked great as they headed out the door for dinner downtown at Benjy’s. Owner remembered to put on her “I’m so excited to head out and do something FUN face.”  As a bonus  the restaurant’s waiter was very “hot” in a Brazilian kind of way so Owner enjoyed her meal very much.  However, he did take some fun out of ordering by commenting constantly on which meals would be healthy enough to eat.  Curly ended up with some tofu thing (read paw down throat!) and Owner had a hot salad…which I hear was not her favourite meal of all time. But be that as it may they were out, they were doing something FUN, and Owner wouldn’t have to come up with some great new activity for at least six months.  Things were looking up.

Dark was descending as they began their drive to the theatre.  Owner suddenly remembered Curly had made a strange statement about the theatre when she had asked where it was located.  He didn’t say where it was exactly but he did throw in the comment…”don’t worry it’s near a police station.” Owner was busy putting her makeup on at the time so the comment slid off her shoulders like water off a duck’s back.   His questionable remark hung like an echo as they drove down a dark street; the darkness seemed impenetrable.   Curly decided to follow orders and conversate, so forged ahead with a risky statement. She has been pestering him to talk so she is to blame for his incessant chatter; the old be careful what you wish for. What he said was, “well, we aren’t in the best neighbourhood but it isn’t the worst.”  Owner may need to shave her neck today because she suddenly realised how many hairs were standing up back there as he  continued his  monologue.  The next words flew at lightning speed  out of Owner’s mouth. “Oh My God, I’m pretty sure those are Crack houses!”   She did a quick estimation of the value of the BMW and how angry people would be if they asked her to hand over her purse since it had two lipstsicks and a lipliner.  Curly reverted to typical Curly…”fine, we’ll turn around and go home then.” Owner gets tired of the perpetually upbeat, everything is great attitude he always tucks into an easily accesible pocket, sort of a ‘don’t leave home without it’ accessory.   “Oh, we aren’t going to go  home,” she grumbled.  “Where the hell is the damn theatre, anyway?”   “Here,” as he drove into the gravelled lot in front of a building made out of wall panelling in a definite drive by neighbourhood. As she related the events thus far I could tell that the plans for a fun night out  were definitely on a downturn

Two ladies  parked beside them and tentatively opened the door of their van and in quavering voices, asked “have you ever been here before; we were wondering if we should even go in?”   They were obviously petrified to get out of their car and/or  leave it in this highly suspect lot.  (Hey, we watch a lot of The Closer and Brenda Lee Johnson has probably warned people about leaving their cars here.) Curly had no patience for these two  wimpy,  whiney women; in fact he had no patience for his own!  Owner told me later she slunk into the darkened  room and took her seat in one of the fifty “in need of cleaning” seats, crossed her legs, double crossed her arms,  her toes,  and made the sign of the cross with her fingers as she prayed she’d make it home in one piece.  When Curly tried to engage her in conversation she crossed her eyes.  She whispered loudly that if this had been their first date she would NEVER have gone out with him again.  Why? he asked all big eyed.  Curly has a sense of humour because he did say, “I guess you don’t want to take out a theatre membership?”   At that point there could have been a murder in the theatre and we all know who would have been doing what to whom!

She had thought she was being so sweet offering to go to the THEATRE and here she was in a building made of wall panelling.  What better target audience to rob than stupid white people going into a neighbourhood they have no business in after dark.   She prayed the theatre owner  still had a good relationship with everyone on the street, after all this building had been the store his parents ran when he was a young boy.

To be fair owner has to admit ninety percent of the people who came in the door looked quite comfortable being there.  The woman next to Owner admitted she was terrified the first time she came to see a play here also but that this was her third time returning and she hadn’t lost a car yet.  Owner snorted as warmly as she could.

Owner blames her inability to move comfortably  through neighbourhoods different from her own on her very sheltered growing up where everyone lived in  pretty much the same neighbourhood.  Nowhere was dangerous unless you count the bears that wandered the streets in the Fall and the Spring.  One night Dave Grignon’s  escaped pet skunk scared her as she came home on a date but that was about as nerve wracking as it got in Northern Ontario.  Let’s not forget that her milieu in Texas is pretty sheltered and no Canadian arrives in the States without knowing that this is a country with neighbourhoods that are different than we are used to. American TV doesn’t make us yearn for everything made in the U.S.A.

Now, let me see if I can tell you about the play. I only have a dog brain and this just doesn’t make sense to me.  We have ONE young cute Canadian actress, Gemma Wilcox,  who has come in for the debut of her show Shadows in Bloom.  Now this woman must suffer from personality disorder because in the course of an hour she was….Sandra, Pete, Kate, Louise, Flora, a torch singer in a bar, a saxaphonist, bass player, drummer, a Calla LILY, Louis the French sunflower, AND a child’s blankey. Every character had a different voice, mannerisms, needs, desires, and wants and this Gemma was up to the task.  Owner’s head was spinning as they left wondering how this young woman had been able to convince the audience moment after moment that she was who she was pretending to be …and she was each character for one, two, twenty,  forty seconds and then switched into the other character, and back and forth and back and forth.  Whirlwind effect.   You had to be there I guess because it just doesn’t make sense to me. 

Gemma worked her magic.  The car was still there. Everyone who entered the theatre left safely.  Two  women were out chatting at their fence line as Owner and Curley drove away….making the neighbourhood look, well gee…kind of like a neighbourhood.    Owner gave her head a shake, (as her brother-in-law Jim would tell her to do), and admitted the play was well done.   The car heater came on for a second  to melt some of the ice that had accumulated on those crossed legs and arms.  Divorce avoided for another day.  See ya later.   

Saturday, October 9, 2010

So this big fat Martian……



As long as I live I will never understand humans.  All of this crazy stuff is going on with the Nobel Peace Prize and China and what do Owner, Curly and their friends talk about last night…..a big fat Martian landing in New Jersey and eating  Italians.  Now I did hear this through thick plate glass so I can’t be sure of all the details, but I’m pretty sure I have the gist of that movie plot.    Next they would all laugh and slap each other’s backs, make some asinine comments, laugh some more and then look at another card in a box and try to define the word “liripoop.” I think they were half in the bag because a big bottle of champagne went down.  Just in case you are wondering…..Benj’s graduating class at Bates forgot to adjust their liripoops at the end of the ceremony…and I hope so too because he was brought up better than that!   Oops, I stand corrected.  Now I recall that a liripooimagep is the tassley bit on the graduating cap…who knew?  I will say this though everybody had a fall on the floor time as various participants physically demonstrated how they thought a liripoop needed to be adjusted.  They are all nice humans but sophisticated?…they must have their own definitions for THAT word.  Oh by the way, if you are ever wandering through New York with your donkey, it  is either forbidden to bray between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. or sleep in the bathtub. I got a bit confused on that question.   However, one smart ass answer was they aren’t allowed to bray towards Mecca which caused great chuckling since who doesn’t love a well done play on words.  It’s all just a load of Balderdash if you ask me.

My pal Louis, the African breed without a barker and an insatiable need to play tricks on their owners, and I just played with abandon as we ran around the property out back. Louis The temperature was cool, the night was young, and the humans had no idea what we were up to.  We chased skunk smell around the yard for a while, rolled in leaves,  drank out of the pool,  and  climbed on the furniture. What dog doesn’t get a kick out of rubbing their snotty nose all over clean windows.  Wonderful evening.   I love it when WE get invited out for the night;  it is a real break from apartment living.  And just in case you are wondering, Louis doesn’t wear his cowboy costume all the time, just when he damn well feels like it.  Don’t you wish you looked as good in YOUR chaps and lasso?

Had a little trip to the dog spa yesterday and had the usual doggie necessities taken care of.  Who wants toenails that click every time they meet a tile floor. My teeth were brushed…YUCK.   My going away present (scarf)  is DSCN1328fabulously covered with silvery sparkly bits that shine in the evening. No one has ever thought to decorate me with some bling before and it just feels so right.  It must be noted that scarves scare me.   Last time   my foot caught in it when I scratched my head and poof I lost my balance and fell off the bed.  My leg could have broken! 

Think I’ll go shake some tail.  See ya later.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let the mind just wander…I’m good at that.



The dreaded words -- Leash ‘em up ‘cause here comes a Chow. The hair on the back of my neck stands up; am I in danger? Where is that dreaded Chow? Oh wait, it’s me.

(OK..this isn’t me but have you ever seen a cuter Chow Chow in your life….is this Panda Chow?  And I thought I was cute!  Do you smell hair dye?)

People need to learn that it is not the breed that is scary; it is irresponsible, clueless, couldn’t train a dog if they tried owners.   To be honest the smaller the dog the less likely it is to have manners. Sorry to be so prejudiced but humans seem to think that  if it is a teensy tiny pouffy pup then it doesn’t need to know to sit, stay, wait, and SHUT THE HELL UP.  What is it with little dogs barking at me as if they are going to eat my head off. Being barked at by a puff ball is definitely one of my pet peeves.  Mind you we did have a great friend with a gorgeous Bouvier, Shadow,  (good friend of Boris) who jumped on to the chesterfield from the backside of the couch, and who ran through a plate glass window so maybe my size prejudice isn’t fair.



A lot of my time is spent dreaming about the white stuff.  Howling winds and blizzards turn my crank! Happy skiers make my day. Ice balls stuck in my paws….not so much.   Hopefully by the time I get home snow will be a weekly teaser.  Owner was on the phone with her friend, Shannon,  talking about Chloe and I getting in lots of cross country skiing this winter.  Can’t wait.  I eat my special oil-laced dog food, take my glucosamine, my thyroid pill and my arthritis drug every single day.  This keeps my joints oiled and my body willing. The spirit? never a problem.




Owner’s foot seems to be getting a bit better every day. I think this means that soon we will be heading back to the land of the happily roaming sniffing dog.  Oh Lordy it has been a while.  Luckily for me I’ve been spending lots of time with Aldo and he’s a blast to hang out with.  Aldo may be looking for a home if Tina returns to her home country. There is no freedom at all for dogs in Singapore so she’s trying to figure out what to do.  We have a lead on a fun place for Aldo to call home but it is early days yet.  The words Tina and Aldo, Aldo and Tina fit so well together that I can’t imagine one without the other.

Every day I take a little visual check of Owner’s aforementioned appendage.   For a while it looked like a lot like my tongue, black and blue.   She seems to have more of a shuffle in her step.   Getting in and out of the tub is not quite the production it was a couple weeks ago.  Curly doesn’t seem to have to fetch and carry quite as much as he did  at the beginning of the recuperation period.  Slowly but surely we are getting back to normal. I have to say we have watched so much of The Closer that it feels like Brenda Lee Johnson  is a close and personal friend, even if she is rather cranky and selfish.

broken foot cartoons, broken foot cartoon, broken foot picture, broken foot pictures, broken foot image, broken foot images, broken foot illustration, broken foot illustrations

  Now it all depends on what the doctor and the physiotherapist say….how did it end up that my life depends on two people I have never met?  Somehow it doesn’t seem to bother this doctor guy that I’m missing golden hills, falling leaves, and cold temperatures. It took a lot of work to grow my fur this year and I’d really like to show it off.


dog pumpkin carving 

It would be really nice to be back for jack o’ lantern season. See ya later.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello, You! Now skedaddle!!




Somebody dropped by to visit owner the other day. She was quite startled and unprepared.  To be fair she was entitled to be shocked.  She really hadn’t seen the guy since Benj was born and that was 22 years ago.  She didn’t like him then and she doesn’t  like him now.  Her worry is that now he knows where she lives in Texas and he’ll be dropping by every once in a while so  they can reacquaint themselves.   Curly haired doesn’t like the guy  hanging around but he can’t just grab the guy and toss him on his ear now, can he?  If you think that is Curly’s style then you don’t know Curly haired.  You don’t just throw people out of your apartment because they dropped by unannounced.  I must have been asleep on the patio because I missed his arrival.  I’d like to see him up close so  I’m watchin’, waitin’, an hopin’  but  it feels like   

It is terrible knowing that a stalker has his eye on Owner.  Stalker seems to be the most appropriate word.   He’s only dropped by that one time but I just know he wants to come back to see her again.  Whenever  we step outside and do a tiny tour around the building, or head to our car,  I hear that intake of breath, watch her stop, stare straight ahead and I know she sees him.  I look as hard as I can but my vision just isn’t as keen.  This guy doesn’t have the usual “human” smell…..he’s that creepy. A sad complication of his visit  is that owner deals with fear by avoidance so I’m getting outside even less than last week. 

Luckily owner took a course and then volunteered at the hospital  with sexual assault victims.  She understands this whole stalking thing so I have faith that she will get a handle on this guy. I can’t wait to see her tell him to back off, when she is angry she gets LOUD.  At Stock Photography: Box Cartoon Character Screaming Into a Megaphonethe moment though she is living in fear of another surprise ambush; the first one wore her out so badly she slept for twelve hours afterwards.

I admit that I don’t like seeing Owner under so much stress. My television viewing has changed to “dog training videos”  but those attack dogs scare ME and I AM A DOG.  I’d rather just show my teeth and make some good “Chow Chow” noises.   As you all know I’m a lover not a fighter but I’ll keep her safe if she needs it. Heading off now to work on my growl.


I have my work cut out for me.  I’m on a mission to find, attack and eliminate Owner’s visitor.  When I find you, Monsieur, Monsieur Nerve Pain, you are going to wish you never ran into Casey, Attack Dog Extraordinaire. 

See ya later.

Not sure this will be as effective for me as I don’t have all my teeth!

Loyal American readers will understand this cartoon much more than you readers from around the world. (and so you know…her foot continues to heal, slowly, painfully sometimes, but heal).