Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reuben Saves the Day! (or the household)



Have you ever saved for something and then gotten exactly what you wanted?  isn’t it a glorious feeling?  I am only a dog but I have also had that moment of pure joy .  Actually, that moment was this morning.   I saved and saved and saved and then urinated all over Owner’s carpet. She deserved it.

You see we are fostering a little dog from Second Chance.  He’s a baby; Reuben is his name and mixed up heritage is his game.     Apparently he is a downright perfect specimen of dog.   He has the perfect amount of energy, perfect markings,  and perfect little floppy ears.  It’s not Reuben that got me all pissed off, literally.  It’s Owner’s falsetto…..oooh Reuben, aren’t you CUUUUUUTE!!!   Oh Reuben, you are so SMART – you peed on the grass!  Well for God’s sake, he’s supposed to pee on the grass at least that’s the rule I am made to abide by.   My God you’d think he’d invented puppyhood the way she carries on.  Her voice is so squeaky when she talks to him that it hurts my eardrums and I’m pretty good with high-pitched noises.  Lest I forget…he loved having a bath in the shower; suds  seemed to agree with his perfect little body.

Actually, to be honest.  I think it is good he came into our house this week.  Owner could not stop crying about the brutal beating Xiongxiong, my Chinese cousin endured  in Shanghai.   His crime?  He escaped from his garden and a  neighbour called the police.  From the description of how David found him, tied by a leg to a tree and dying, it is amazing baby  Xiong survived.  He’s only 7 months old and a darling little Samoyed.  At the moment it looks like he will pull through; his will to live was doubtful there for a while. 


Reuben, the Second Chance puppy, made Owner laugh again. .  He jumps as high as he can and then falls down on his side because he’s lost his balance when he’s three feet up in the air.  He chases balls.  He snuggles up to her in the evening to keep her feet warm.  He tugs my ears to make me play.  Last week Owner couldn’t laugh and this week she can. Reuben brought that lightheartedness back into our home.


  He doesn’t cry in his crate at night. He enjoys long walks. He drinks his water just as messily as I do so I’m finally off the hook for being a water-drinking slob.  He figured out the grass at the corner is his toilet  on the very first day.  Today he started to march around the living room to let Owner know he needed outside and then went to the front door…..damn show off! (did I mention he’s only been here two days; his brain must be immense in that cute little head of his.)   I bet he’s smart enough to learn to ring a bell when he wants to go out like my friend, Mars, in Phoenix. If someone wanted to train him to do that obstacle course that dog’s do…Reuben is smart, fast, and definitely your man.

He’s a great guy and he deserves a fabulous home.  If someone wants a hiking dog, he’s  going to grow into that. He loves other dogs. He finds chidlren interesting; I don’t. He didn’t know how to use the stairs when he arrived but he’s got them down pat.  He runs up and down them just for fun…it irritates me no end to see him do that.  It takes me some work to  haul my ass upstairs now (arthritis!).    He just wants and needs a forever home.  He’s been at Second Chance for a while  and he’s ready to leave his friends there and move on.  I can tell he’s a real homebody.  Somebody out there must want him.  Oh yeah, can’t forget to tell you he now sits for  Owner on  command to get nibbles of  biscuit….I love that about him because my biscuit quotient has gone up too since he arrived and I don’t do a damn thing.

OK…I really like him.  He’s a great dude.  I just think he needs to find his own home.  I can’t pee on the carpet many more times or I might get in trouble.  If you think you’d like to meet my sleepover pal, Reuben,  call Second Chance in Ridgway 970.626.2273 and say…hey, where’s that pup  that’s getting all the great press in Telluride Dog Blog. If you are full up with dogs and cats at your house, think of a friend who might deserve to own such a fine specimen as Reuben.  They will never regret their decision.  He’s as loyal as the day is long. 

By the way,  Owner would call him MEX for Mexican Jumping Bean. I have to agree.  See ya later.