Monday, August 31, 2009

I’d have warned you if I had known!


Don’t you find you start to apologise and it always sounds rather wimpy? I mean, I told you I’d be posting my dog musings on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It seemed ideal to have an etched in stone schedule. As a follower you would be able to set your watch…hey that really cute dog is telling it like it is today, let’s check it out. But, as you know Saturday came and went and I had no dog words of wisdom for you to ponder. BUT, IT REALLY ISN’T MY FAULT!!!! I SWEAR. I’m half Canadian….so sorry guys…we like to apologise even when it isn’t our fault. (by the way, I’m sticking my tongue out at my owner in this photo..she thinks it is cute but you can guess what I’m thinking if you look at my expression.)

Last Sunday morning everything seemed per usual. I awoke and did my downward dog yoga poses. Next it was a really good frog position where I stretch my front legs out as far as I can and lengthen my back legs out behind me. This gets my spine ready for a day of activity so I did about five. Try it, you’ll like it. I had my regular bowl of Science Diet (the joint enhancer variety as my joints act up in cold weather, wet weather, long hikes weather, hopping into the car weather, dabbling in water weather; OK, who am I kidding every type of bloody weather! “Senior” is what vets call me now and my pipes aren’t reliable so a tasty addition of pumpkin and wholesome yogourt are tossed on top….this getting older has its benefits I tell you. Just imagine what it has been like to eat the same damn kibble every day of my life. Who came up with that stupid idea? Anyway, as I started to say, all appeared normal. My two leggeds (t-l’s) took me out for a nice amble even though it was drizzly and cloudy. I knew it was Sunday so a good movie was probably in the line up.

They tricked me! I never even saw it coming. I guess I’m becoming complacent and don’t eavesdrop the way I used to in my younger years. My hearing is top notch. Isn’t it? There was nothing to intimate that I had missed important family news. When the word “car” was uttered I literally danced with joy. My arthritis magically disappeared and I hopped ecstatically into the back seat. Basically I puppicized (dog for turned back into a pup.) My head was hanging out the window and thoughts such as “I’m the luckiest dog alive” were flashing through my brain. But that is when they tricked me. After what felt like a fabulous drive I found myself in Dry Creek Basin – BOARDED! Boarded I tell you.

Lane is great. I love everybody at Wash-n-Watch dogs but I think it is fair to give me the news I’m headed to dog camp. I didn’t even get to take my favourite bed. How was I supposed to know I was going to be computerless and bedless when there were no suitcases in the back of the car to give me a heads up. Luggage is a dead give away I’m going away to hang with a dog pack.

So, I’m apologising. Lane is really good to me but she definitely has a rule about dogs using her computer…..VERBOTEN! I thought about sneaking on late at night but there are always a few tatttle tales in the group so decided to lay off my writing. Hope you forgive me. The good news is that it was fun to hang with my peers so you won’t hear me making any public complaints.


Surely you noticed but have you ever seen a finer specimen of a dog? I mean, I’m solid muscle! I would have made such beautiful babies! See you later.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bear Creek is for visitors!

Hiking photos Telluride 040

Hi, Casey here.  In case you haven’t been to Telluride in the summer I’m here to let you know there are lots of things to do. We have all kinds of festivals going on and we have hikes for people who don’t exercise at high altitude all the time.

If you decide to visit us, you can be nice to the locals, you can admire the locals, but it will be tough to compete with the locals.  These are people who enter 100 mile running races just for  fun.  If you like to do that, power to you.  I, for one, do not.  I only got one set of pads for  these paws and my plan is to be using them for a long time.

A lovely morning of gentle exercise for me is to   meander up Bear Creek Trail on a nice morning.  This is perfect for all first time  visitors; you’ll love it even if it is your tenth visit to town.  Colorado waterfalls equal beauty.  We go early just in case rain decides to come in during the afternoon.  Pack your raincoat and bring some water.  Since you are a dog lover  and  wondering if your dog can manage…I think if you have a regular exercise programme, your dog will do fine.  This is one hike for which  you do not  need to bring water for your dog.  Little creeks and trickling streams pop up along the trail most of the year.  If you are worried, why not throw an extra bottle and a small bowl for your pup.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You use it?


Here is one of those over achieving Telluride guys.  It is not every day you hike to see a gorgeous waterfall and get sidetracked by somebody who is in such great physical condition they can bound  up the

side of a boulder and reach the top.  I don’t remember but I’m not even sure this guy had shoes on…no ropes for sure.  Are you ready?

That guy wore me out so I had to get a nice drink from the river. The water is icy.  You definitely don’t want to drink this water P1000927 yourself but your dog can.  However, I do feel I should   mention the word Giardia  just in case your pooch has a bit of stomach upset in a few days. Been there, done that…..hmmm….not fun. Still drinking it though so who am I to give advice?   By all means soak your feet in the water if you wish. If you have any desire to immerse yourself in our river water it will disappear instantly.  You have never felt cold like this before.

Guaranteed….you will be able to get this hike over and one with in a couple hours, no problem.   Just remember this, the blindfolded woman running the trail in her bare feet with  both hands tied behind her back – she lives here.  For all I know it could be our friend, Alice! And the guy headed downhill popping wheelies on his unicycle, he’s a local also.   My only word of caution is don’t do this in the winter around 2 p.m. when  the back country skiers are heading home.  I did; I nearly lost an eye to a ski pole.

My last words of wisdom are these.  Come to town and get up, get out, get moving, and enjoy yourself.  I thought about showing you the waterfall at the end of the trail but hey baby, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Oh by the way, you can look for new posts on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Thanks to everyone for liking my news.  See ya later.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer time and the living……


It's been getting colder lately and I really enjoy lying  around in bed a little later in the morning. My owner is all concerned about an extra five pounds (who cares?) and is determined we are going to go for big walks every day. As long as I get out to pee by 8 a.m. I'm good to go. 

It was really hot a week or so ago  and now I've had all my fur shaved off. It is only mid-august and I have had to  work  harder at staying warm at night. Sometimes the t-l's are really nice and throw a little blanket over me. I LOVE that. Staying in bed all morning was what I had planned on. My plans are in total disarray now as we are heading off to the River Trail for a morning constitutional. I hope it is warmer out today.

People are so interesting. Someone commented on my rainbow scarf and said that I must be for gay rights. Basically I'm indifferent to that sort of thing; I'm an equal opportunity lover. (also...there was that little operation that took place against my will.)  Rainbow just happens to look great against my fur, a girl has to care about what she looks like.  Once you lose that pride in your looks….it is game over.

Here I am unleashed  near the River Trail. Cheese was my food of choice for being trained to walk without a leash.....oh those were the good old days. Now I get a little pat once in a while with a "good dog" thrown in....cheese is so much better. Getting older and smarter didn't get me rewards it lost me my cheese. 
The day went well though.  I met a great dog.  He didn't ask my name and I didn't ask his. We sniffed around a little bit together in the grass. I think my sniffer is superior to his but his water skills were superior to mine. Whatever. He seemed like a nice guy but then he went all nuts on me. Hopping and jumping around in the water like a lunatic. Who needs that? He looked like an idiot, water dribbling out of his mouth as he cavorted around with a ball. I may be a mutt but I always portray myself with class. No balls, no dribbling, no cavorting...I prefer to treat the river with respect. I got caught up in a current once and nearly drowned. It completely changed my feelings about water sports. I do take baths when coerced but anything over the ankles is too much in my opinion.

P1010706 - CopyP1010713 


He kept telling me that this is water frolic and it is what dogs do.  I don’t think so…not this dog anyway.  Frolic is not in my vocabulary

Luckily I have more energy than this guy lying on his balcony but I so get where he is coming from….smells come, smells go and no effort is involved.  Could life get more perfect than that?P1010769

It is pretty obvious that this dog does not do frolic.  He told me to buzz off as I was disturbing his peace and quiet.  He’s older and wiser so I moved on. 

It’s been a great day hanging around the river.  I do like living here so much better than Houston. Every day is a new adventure.  On our way home we had to pass the Ah Haa School and some artists were out working on the river.  If I could I’d be a painter but I’ll have to be satisfied as the only dog photographer around.  Don’t these guys look happy?  Perhaps this fall they will offer a woodworking class for dogs and I can make a big birdhouse too? How cool would that be? 

P1010836  P1010823

Time to go home.  One more dog to meet.  Food is waiting and so is  my sheepskin that got brought home for me from Australia.  I’m getting older now and it is pretty comfy.  Wonder what adventures I’ll have tomorrow.  I’m a lucky dog to live in Telluride. Life is good.


See you around.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Living as a Telluride Dog

This is my first day letting you all know that I am living in dog heaven. The two-leggeds (t-l's) and I have been coming to Telluride ever since they adopted me. I, Casey, was abandoned outside my first rescuer's home freshly groomed but still damp. He, Michael, had three dogs already and a kind heart so he took me in. I had heart worm and was scared and lonely; a sadder case you never saw.

My heritage, of which I'm extremely proud, is Chow and Lab. Crazy as it sounds, I was about two when I was rescued and did not even know how to hold my tail up with dignity. Kari, the Akita, trained me to be the incredible specimen of a dog you see before you today!

At first life was hard...Michael leashed me to his waist so I had to sit when he told me, move when he told me, stay to his left, figure out how I fit into his pack, and generally learn how to be a house dog. Quickly I got in line and was pronounced more human than dog. Did I mention I've got a very high I.Q.?...not to brag, but how many dogs do you know who can use a computer? Times got a bit tough for Michael so an animal hospital took me in. I lived in a cage for about six months and then bewitched David, one of the techs. I'm forever in debt to Boris the Bouvier, may she rest in peace. She was a smart cookie and my adjustment to yet another family was made palatable. I ran away a lot but the t-l's were kind and loving and always came looking for me. I tested their love a lot but they passed with flying colours. David moved to Shanghai, China but by then I was part of the family so it was OK. Plus, eavesdropping one day I heard some people actually have to eat dogs in that country so I didn't really mind staying behind ....BUT I do pretend not to recognise David whenever he comes home. It is the least I can do!

Anyway, long story short, my two-leggeds had a condo in Telluride and we started making the long drive from Texas on a regular basis. A year ago they moved here permanently and I could not be happier. I have mountain trails, dog tails, and lots of smells. My dreams have improved 100% and I've even dropped a pound or two -- can't say the same for my t'l's but hey....they like their sugar. I'm getting older now so my arthritis kicks in periodically but the vet in town looks after me really well. I don't like her taking blood and I hate peeing in a bowl (how undignified is that?) We always get a piece of paper when we leave and my owner grumbles under her breath and I just don't get it. SHE wasn't the one poked in unmentionable places, I WAS, and you don't hear me complaining. You get a free cookie for every poke.

I've talked to other dogs. I hear their stories. I know where the living is good and life is easy; it is right here in Telluride. I'm just trying to spread the gospel so to speak although no organised religion can claim me as a member. No, I'd say I'm on my own path...and I try to hit that path every day as long as they are willing to keep me out there, oh wait I guess I digressed there.

Summer is ending. I'm sad. Our car is leaving for College with the youngest member of our pack. Car rides are my favourite, window down, nine hundred smells hitting my nose at once, heaven! I hate losing Benj too. He snuggles the best, he always lets me stick my nose in his garbage pail and his socks are the stinkiest. I could roll on those socks for days. I don't know who College is but I don't understand why Benj likes him better than me?

Anyway, I'm just learning to use my camera. It seemed smart to show other dogs what they are missing. I know if they could get to town they would never want to leave. Most of the other dogs around here are pretty nice and laid back. They welcome newcomers. I think if I can get the word out distant dogs will be smart enough to encourage their owners to drop by. Lord knows we could use more visitors this winter. Last year I got to spend a lot of time lolling around in front of the heater at The Bounty was a great gig. No idea what I'll be up to this winter. But to enjoy the ending of summer and the cold summer nights where you need a really great sheepskin to lie on. Did I mention I pretty much live in heaven on earth?

I plan to post photos and notes of life in town every few days. Hope to hear from you. And if you don't name is Casey, Chowbrador. (some people say Chab....but it just doesn't work for me, sounds too much like Chub.)