Saturday, April 24, 2010

Live in the neighbourhood with you!




Well, let’s make the most of this beautiful day, since we’re together we might as well say… old Mr. Rogers would have said as he put on his cardigan.  It’s time to take you on a tiny tour of Texas….Texas like we didn’t even know it existed.  This entire complex is new since owner left town and she’s a lovin it if I do say so myself.  My opinion is  based on the amount of time I spend ALONE in the dark on my dog mat.  However, the air conditioning works well and she’s pretty good to me when she returns home.

First, let me say we are in a one bedroom apartment.  Do you have any idea how small this can actually be?  It’s not like living in a dog house but just about….say I as a small canine.   We’ve only tripped over each other a couple times.  What makes this so doable is that there are plenty of communal spaces….pools, gymnasium,  patios both on the ground and on the top of the buildings.  They nicely installed a dog area where we can go late at night and do our thing in private.  The entire apartment complex is on the equivalant of a giant park with myriad walkways and trails and restaurants.   So let’s go on that tour.

Here we have the view off  our patio.  It seems like a fake photo with the kayaker in the distance but as I type this up…a family of four went by in a couple kayaks.  Of course this is no whitewater adventure and they are simply meandering their way down this manmade (but pretty long) waterway.  Chuckle if you will Telluriders….this is a huge improvement on what was available to people when we first moved here….SHOPPING.


Looking back toward our patio we feel that perhaps we have time travelled and are back in Giverny….April in Paris remember.


As we pass this common area we arrive at the waterfall.  A lone Mallard sits at the top of this waterfall every morning – we think he’s demonstrating his incredible ab strength holding himself in a static position (as he deftly hovers but never topples over the edge) to attract a potential mate.  Of course….have we had our camera with us at 7 a.m. – NO.  Owner barely has her eyes open at that hour and I doubt she’s even noticed the damn duck.  I have…..canard a l’orange is on my mind as I doze off each night.


As we continue on our walk, we pass by a large central plain where me and my new buddies gather most evenings around 5:30 for a game of chase my tail.…wait, no I’ll chase your tail,…wait, I want to chase the ball.  I drop out once they start to play ball.  I have never understood the fun in that pointless game.  It is thrown over and over again and it gets  boring  quickly.  I usually hang out with Cocoa and Melbourne….more on them next week.

P1060877This place actually has boat ferries and a trolley.  Like Telluride the trolley is free but I think the boat ferries are quite expensive.  This I understand as there is never anyone on the darn things which makes them costly to run.  See…I can do basic math calculations in my head. For the most part the boat ferry seems to be a place for herons to hang out and preen their feathers. Obviously  I’m back on that “everyone is looking for a mate” theme again.  Well, not me….operations, snip snip, etc. I  am only looking for companionship and a cuddle once in a while.



A few ducks live around here and I find them quite amusing.  When I really need a good leg stretch, owner lets me run up to the edge and chase them up and down a bit.  I’m not a novelty and they pay me no mind.  It’s been two weeks and I get  their point.  I’m never going to jump in (she’d kill me!), I’m never going to catch one, and they are never going to give a damn that I’m hopping around like a jackrabbit on the bank.  New diversions can get old so quickly, can’t they?


We continue on for our constituional until we hit the bridge.  Usually owner’s patience has worn out by then and she just wants to yank my chain and get me back.  This is a great place, don’t get me wrong, but it can’t hold her attention like the wilderness can in Telluride where we can walk/hike for hours.  I get a good hour outside and then back we go. Sometimes we cross over and walk by the restaurants where I can find a  crumb or two on the ground but usually it is straight back home with one fun little detour.


Check this out!  I LOVE fish.  I LOVE brightly coloured fish. I love sharing a drink with some fish.  I like to LICK fish.  Give me a fish and I’m happy.  Give me some KOI and the day is golden.


They love me too. And by the way who noticed the heron in my top photo…..I got pretty close, eh?   See ya later.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A great piece of tail



Help!  Rescue me.  Owner went crazy.  I’m wandering around Texas stark naked.  You can’t imagine  the depth of my humiliation.  My entire coat is gone…gone like the dodo bird.  Mornings I wake up and feel like myself and then I look down and get shocked that I don’t look the way I feel inside my head. You know what I mean, eh?  There is simply nothing left of the old me.  Just so you remember…below you will find me in winter, again  in Spring and here I am in bloody Texas….look at that hairline!  AND she thinks I’m adorably cute now! HA!  I’ll show her cute….bring out her shoes and I will make them CUTE. Done it before; I can do it again. (it involves a lot of eating, retaining, eating, retaining and then letting go with a wild decorating party if you get my drift). 







As you know I was doing fine in Arizona.  I actually really liked it there.  Mars was a blast to hang with.  His family  keep  ducks in their swimming pool. Why? -- no idea but we were fenced out so we couldn’t get at them…..oh we plotted, we connived but no go.  P1060821 Seems bizarre, true; great exercise though. Super novel idea.  Mars is a great dog so I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him he has one gigantic schnozz..that is dog for nose in case you didn’t know.



Next I hung with Vigo and Paia….pronounced like Pieuh but no one told me how to spell it.  Vigo, of course, named for the famous Mortenson of Hollywood fame.  Vigo’s owner has a thing going on; you know that thing humans get for famous actors.  Paia…who knows, something to do with Mexico and a goddess.  She ain’t no goddess unless she’s the goddess of War.  It took a while to win her over with my charm. Eventually I won. 


Now you may think Vigo, below,  also has a big schnozz.  Not so.  Vigo has a much more wolflike manly face.  Mars just has the anteater look going on and there is nothing to be done about that.  Mars simply is what he is. I can’t help myself; I have to vent.  Perhaps I’m worked up about Mars’ nose since he can ring a bell to tell his owner when he needs to go outside, and yes, the damn dog even knows how to shut the door after himself when he comes inside.  Apparently, according to Mars’ owner I’m cute but dumb as, and I quote,  shit.  Who does he think writes this damn blog anyway?  Whatever……Mars still has a big nose.




Back to Arizona. Wandering through the desert was a blast.  I did get some sticky thing stuck in a paw once and it hurt like hell.  I’ll take an ice ball any day.  This little seed had about a hundred miserable #$*(% spurs on it and holy cow……nasty!  I almost know what it feels like to have owner’s foot pain after my experience. 

After adapting to a great life in Arizona, blue skies, warm temperatures, friendly dogs, nice places to wander and live, they uprooted me again.  Back I went into the car for the most mind-numbing ride of my life.  If this had been my first experience in a car I would definitely have said, “God, take me now.”  However, I have had some fun times  in a vehicle (read bites of burger) so  forced myself to sleep for eighteen and a half hours of total driving.  Of course all that sleeping was topped off with sleeping in a hotel so basically I slept for several days. Et voila…here I am in Texas NAKED!


Owner definitely has some issues.  She’s not making any money so I think she plans to rent me out as a feather duster.  It’s the only thing that explains my gorgeous piece of tail.  There is no other reason I can think of  for that blob at the end of my body.  Am I expected to dust every damn plant around our neighbourhood?  Perhaps I should sit and wiggle my tail back and forth over the water’s edge and use it as a bobber to catch fish? She must be having a mental breakdown to encourage this type of haircut.  I tried to tell the woman at Dog’s Day Inn (also known as dog spa) that this was NOT what I had in mind – and I am actually the body attached to that damn tail – but she mustn’t speak Colorado because she just kept on snipping and fluffing and primping.  They gave me a purple scarf and personally I prefer a rainbow scarf, as I am ambidextrous (isn’t that what they say) in the love department!

Anyway, if you’ve got it flaunt it so flaunt it I shall.  Hey watch it! I’m pretty sure I just heard someone mumble…Dr. Seuss?  See ya later.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Truck packed…check! Ready to roll…check!



Don’t know what we’d do if the kids were still living here.  Gee, I barely managed to get squished into a spot in the back of the truck.  However, a new dog bed was in place and waiting for me so I can’t complain too much.  Heck, driving to Arizona isn’t that much tougher than going to Montrose for some groceries and a Sephora and/or Starbucks fix. Luckily we picked good weather to make our trip.  The roads were perfect, traffic was light, and  everyone was in a good mood.

We aren’t sure but we wonder if some early Europeans dropped by and  stole ideas for their Cathedrals.  I mean really…..these rock formations are absolutely awe inspiring. One thing you need to keep in mind is  that every single photo was taken (often THROUGH the window) at 75 m.p.h. as Curly raced down the highway.  This was point and shoot at its most elemental, no time to look for the perfect angle, how to show the glorious structures to their best advantage.  No, it was definitely whip out camera, point, click, and hope something was in focus.





Do you think  a flying saucer landed in this one location?  It looks possible and I think Arizona has one of the  highest sightings of U.F.O.’s  anywhere in the U.S. Perhaps that is because of all the wide open space it enjoys.  You can drive for hours and not see anything at all. Check this out.



Like, it wouldn’t cross your mind too! eh?  It is just sitting there in the middle of nowhere looking exactly like a you know what parking spot. (pretty good for 75 m.p.h. don’t you think).

As we pass the Ute and then the Navajo reservation owner and Curly begin the conversation they have had a hundred times before.   Where would the world be today if  (well not me since I’m a dog but you know what I mean) we  had adopted even a bit of Native Americans’ respect and reverence for land and animals, Mother Earth I guess.   What would it be like if we hadn’t killed off entire species just because we could; if we had shown just a smidge of concern for the earth from day one rather than use it as our own personal gift box to do with as we pleased. Everyone gets depressed and the conversation dies.  


If you want owner’s opinion, and granted after all these months you probably don’t, she thinks Arizona is the most amazing place to live. She and Curly and the boys lived there before they lived in Houston, you know.  She feels it has everything.  You probably think it is just a hot dusty desert. No siree Bob…it has the mountains you see above, the San Francisco Peaks with Mt. Humphreys being the tallest.  Obviously with good snow pack you can ski in the winter, go home and have a barbeque on your patio, as you enjoy some of the most incredible sunsets on earth.  See full size image   Rattlers—yes, she’s seen a few but they left her alone.  In fact they saw her coming and skedaddled.  Owner was even lucky enough to see a gila monster (that’s HEEELA Monster just in case you wondered)  and  two desert tortoises on one hike.  Desert tortoises only come up from underground a couple of times a year  so this Desert Tortoise Stretching out Head Stock Photoswas a very special day for her.  Owner asks me to tell you this, “if you are fortunate enough to see a desert tortoise, please don’t touch it.” Humans can pass along a respiratory infection through the touch of their hands and then the poor tortoise dies. Not good. No idea what a sniff from yours truly would accomplish.   

Always keep in mind that baby rattlers are the most dangerous….they just don’t know when enough “venom” is enough.  The big guys are a bit smarter and generally want to get away from you but babies aren’t quite as intelligent.   If you wonder if this is true, check with David’s friend who nearly lost his arm! Brandon….you are a survivor!

Soon we zoom by Flagstaff and end up on the Mesa  we love. Owner and curly get a little misty eyed remembering all their trips up and over the mesa when the car was filled with their kids.  Every Christmas some unknown would run out and hang decorations on a bush or Mesquite tree (no one remembers what exactly) and it would make everyone’s holiday trip as they drove on up to Telluride for some skiing and some snow.  Now, of course, they don’t have to do that because they chose to move  to Telluride permanently.

So much rain fell this winter that everywhere you look are flowers and grass.  Summer is going to bring a lot of fire danger to Arizona this year as the grass dries and turns brittle.  At the moment all we can say is this….COWS EAT YOUR FILL NOW.  You have no idea how good you’ve got it. It’s all downhill. 



Well, no doubt about it.  We are in the Sonoran Desert now. Only place in the world with Saguaro (sa-wah-ro) cactus.  They say it is one hundred years of living until one begins to grow its first  arm; it takes some people that long to develop  common sense, but hey that’s another story. These guys are full of water and should one ever topple on you you will not live to tell the tale.  Trust me, it has happened…..remember that common sense I was talking about…the tales are intertwined.


P1060798Finally we arrive at Mars’ house.  He’s some Scottish thing a McNab or a MacDab…a highlander at any rate. He’s not AKC but not a mutt like me either. (Ginny, Stu…Scottish dog, tartan and all that? huh, huh?)  What a great newP1060801 pal.  One sniff and he’s all over me like white on rice.  We hit it off instantly if you didn’t get my drift.  After two solid years in Telluride it is niceP1060793 to  stretch out on the patio and enjoy the warm Spring evening.  Nothing like a hint of jasmine in the air as I lie near a palm tree.  Hey, where’s my drink? See ya later.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

What ya gonna do?

Join Casey on Facebook. Her page is titledTelluride Dog Blog, of course.  She publishes a lot of great photos there and her facebook page will be more current as she begins her summer travels and limits her blog postings to once a week.


If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it a million times.  Skiing comes to a close on Sunday and everyone is figuring out Plan B.  Sometimes Plan B is a forever plan…I’m blowing this popstand and never looking back.  Or, I’m taking off over mud season to Kathmandu and climbing the tallest mountain I can find with only my right arm. Or heading to Patagonia to  ramble around on horseback for a month on my own and live off the vegetation.   The people who live here are adventurous and hard core.

For the record we are not. However, owner and curly haired have an action packed  summer planned.   I get to hang out with them for some of it but I don’t get to go to Italy. The adventure for owner will be seeing how much of it she can handle….what I mean is she has serious foot pain.  Not serious as in  she’s going to lose her foot – at least that is what she was told yesterday, podiatrist cartoons, podiatrist cartoon, podiatrist picture, podiatrist pictures, podiatrist image, podiatrist images, podiatrist illustration, podiatrist illustrations “If it is X, I don’t believe it is bad enough that you would lose your foot over it!” What?  Don’t tell that to owner.  She’ll be on the internet all day looking up worst case scenarios and then chopping off her own foot with an axe just to get the worry over with.  Let me be serious for a  moment, her  problem is that  after she hikes  for an hour she’s in such pain that she can’t walk anymore. She’s been known to be such a baby that she cries when she presses the gas pedal.  She should have organised her surgery years ago but she kept putting it off because it would interfere with her life.  Well….now it is going to interfere big time with her life as she tries to hike in Cinque Terre. Thanks the gods that be that I’ll be off at summer  camp at Wash-n-Watch dogs with Lane.

First though I get to go to Arizona for a few days to hang out with a couple of dog pals, Vigo and what’s his name.  Now I’ve heard there are also  a couple cats hanging around this family. I need to be on my best behaviour because  if it doesn’t go well….I get locked in a courtyard.  This lady gets rattlesnakes visiting her periodically…please keep them out of the courtyard because I have no idea what to do with one except sniff it….and apparently that’s a bad idea.  They must have loved Boris more than me (previous dog family member) because he got sent to snake school where they shocked the hell out of him if he tried to sniff a snake. Electric jolt to the throat equals love in this instance apparently;  let me add Bo  was a quick learner.

Curly haired is going to pretend he’s young again and do some mimageountain biking in Bumblebee. What kind of place is Bumblebee  except crawling, or should I say flying,  with you know whats….sounds dumb to me.   Once a year he and the boys get together to drink and bike and bike and drink and generally act like the kids they aren’t.  Not at all comparable to owner and her friends pretending they are part pretzel at yoga fest, or so she has whispered in my ear.

Next we zoom to Texas to check out Curly’s new apartment.  He did all the heavy lifting and left the smaller details to us.  I hear there is a sunny speck of grass for me to lie on which sounds heavenly.  Better go dig out my flea and tick medication before we head back.  We will be on the Waterway so I can get some nice walks in if owner will get up and take me.  I probably need another haircut too.  It gets darn hot down there.

As for here, spring is arriving yet again.  The ski hill closes tomorrow.  All the skiers will be out getting in their last  runs. We won’t be doing that. Owner is trying to get in a last time or two on the valley floor.  Yesterday she ran into a silver coyote…he tried to stare her down but she was having none of that. She was freezing and wanted to get home.  They both stopped and checked each other out and then he loped off.  I bet he was ticked too as he was just trying to head to the river to get a drink.  Poor guy, he wasn’t expecting anyone as the trails aren’t groomed out there any more. We are still getting snow and sometimes we can’t even see our own landscape.  Spring is a confusing time in the mountains. 




I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired as they say. Every day I get covered in mud and dirt and grit and get subjected to the indignities of being wiped down, hosed off, whatever.  As if I can’t loP1060662ok after myself. 

People are getting out their bikes.   Two river rafts were parked over by Clarkes yesterday. Bike racks are on the back of cars. The season is changing slowly but surely.  We even heard from Steve that last week he got up the Wiebe with NO ice and NO mud…..what the hell were we doing that we missed that?


Did I forget to mention I’ve had it with roofalanches. Look at the snow in our yard that has come down off our roof.  You have to be prepared to make a break for it as you run out to the sidewalk.  All day long you hear big snowslides and they are just outside your own window. Enough already!  Good thing Jenny isn’t here, she wouldn’t be able to see anything out her own windows. 



Oh by the way, here’s  a family secret.   Benj is breaking up with College for good in May.  Owner and curly haired even know when Benj plans to dump her and they are going out for moral support.  It’s about time is all I can say. He’s heading off to China to visit David and, I guess, mend his broken heart? See ya later.


Telluride Dog Blog on Facebook – become a Fan.  Casey loves FANS. If you were a Facebook follower you would have seen this great photo she found this week…check it out.  Who knew Peruvian Alpacas could surf….surely this Alpaca has Telluride roots….. you heard it here, Telluriders are crazy adventurers. Enjoy this shot – found on the CNN newspage.

alpaca surfer