Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back Where I Belong!



Well I could be cruel but that would just be cruel.  I thought about putting this little video gem at the end of the posting.  However, for those of you who never read to the end you’d never see it.  Owner sits and hits play and then play again and then play again and laughs every time.  I’m starting to get worried about her. If you can’t get this to work just go to you tube and type in the title below… will work then.  Even I find this funny.


We have lot of friends who wonder why we live in Telluride.  It can be difficult to get to.  We have blizzards. You can’t ski every day; well some people can but that’s a whole different problem. I decided you needed a dog’s eye  photos of why they live here.  It’s for ME.   Does it get any better than this for a dog? Xiongxiong… on over and check us out.  You’d go crazy here.


Who doesn’t want a fun town with  tons to do and a short period of time during the year  when the Main Street is empty at 12:00 noon.  It gives peace and quality of life in this  fast-paced world.


Does this even need an explanation?  This is my view as I trek into town along a burbling stream?


Dandelions, every child’s favourite flower for making chains and fairy crowns are NOT considered illegal!  I like them too.


Bears come to town….yup, the real kind. If I hear them at night I growl giving me a sense of  protecting Owner and Curly.



Best of all though is dogs get to do dog stuff. Unleashed.



Sign notwithstanding…It says something like “dogs must be leashed at all times.”  I’m sure it doesn’t refer to me.



So good to be home.  So good to have owner up and moving and breathing.  So good to have Spring springing into place.  See ya later.

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