Saturday, April 3, 2010

What ya gonna do?

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If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it a million times.  Skiing comes to a close on Sunday and everyone is figuring out Plan B.  Sometimes Plan B is a forever plan…I’m blowing this popstand and never looking back.  Or, I’m taking off over mud season to Kathmandu and climbing the tallest mountain I can find with only my right arm. Or heading to Patagonia to  ramble around on horseback for a month on my own and live off the vegetation.   The people who live here are adventurous and hard core.

For the record we are not. However, owner and curly haired have an action packed  summer planned.   I get to hang out with them for some of it but I don’t get to go to Italy. The adventure for owner will be seeing how much of it she can handle….what I mean is she has serious foot pain.  Not serious as in  she’s going to lose her foot – at least that is what she was told yesterday, podiatrist cartoons, podiatrist cartoon, podiatrist picture, podiatrist pictures, podiatrist image, podiatrist images, podiatrist illustration, podiatrist illustrations “If it is X, I don’t believe it is bad enough that you would lose your foot over it!” What?  Don’t tell that to owner.  She’ll be on the internet all day looking up worst case scenarios and then chopping off her own foot with an axe just to get the worry over with.  Let me be serious for a  moment, her  problem is that  after she hikes  for an hour she’s in such pain that she can’t walk anymore. She’s been known to be such a baby that she cries when she presses the gas pedal.  She should have organised her surgery years ago but she kept putting it off because it would interfere with her life.  Well….now it is going to interfere big time with her life as she tries to hike in Cinque Terre. Thanks the gods that be that I’ll be off at summer  camp at Wash-n-Watch dogs with Lane.

First though I get to go to Arizona for a few days to hang out with a couple of dog pals, Vigo and what’s his name.  Now I’ve heard there are also  a couple cats hanging around this family. I need to be on my best behaviour because  if it doesn’t go well….I get locked in a courtyard.  This lady gets rattlesnakes visiting her periodically…please keep them out of the courtyard because I have no idea what to do with one except sniff it….and apparently that’s a bad idea.  They must have loved Boris more than me (previous dog family member) because he got sent to snake school where they shocked the hell out of him if he tried to sniff a snake. Electric jolt to the throat equals love in this instance apparently;  let me add Bo  was a quick learner.

Curly haired is going to pretend he’s young again and do some mimageountain biking in Bumblebee. What kind of place is Bumblebee  except crawling, or should I say flying,  with you know whats….sounds dumb to me.   Once a year he and the boys get together to drink and bike and bike and drink and generally act like the kids they aren’t.  Not at all comparable to owner and her friends pretending they are part pretzel at yoga fest, or so she has whispered in my ear.

Next we zoom to Texas to check out Curly’s new apartment.  He did all the heavy lifting and left the smaller details to us.  I hear there is a sunny speck of grass for me to lie on which sounds heavenly.  Better go dig out my flea and tick medication before we head back.  We will be on the Waterway so I can get some nice walks in if owner will get up and take me.  I probably need another haircut too.  It gets darn hot down there.

As for here, spring is arriving yet again.  The ski hill closes tomorrow.  All the skiers will be out getting in their last  runs. We won’t be doing that. Owner is trying to get in a last time or two on the valley floor.  Yesterday she ran into a silver coyote…he tried to stare her down but she was having none of that. She was freezing and wanted to get home.  They both stopped and checked each other out and then he loped off.  I bet he was ticked too as he was just trying to head to the river to get a drink.  Poor guy, he wasn’t expecting anyone as the trails aren’t groomed out there any more. We are still getting snow and sometimes we can’t even see our own landscape.  Spring is a confusing time in the mountains. 




I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired as they say. Every day I get covered in mud and dirt and grit and get subjected to the indignities of being wiped down, hosed off, whatever.  As if I can’t loP1060662ok after myself. 

People are getting out their bikes.   Two river rafts were parked over by Clarkes yesterday. Bike racks are on the back of cars. The season is changing slowly but surely.  We even heard from Steve that last week he got up the Wiebe with NO ice and NO mud…..what the hell were we doing that we missed that?


Did I forget to mention I’ve had it with roofalanches. Look at the snow in our yard that has come down off our roof.  You have to be prepared to make a break for it as you run out to the sidewalk.  All day long you hear big snowslides and they are just outside your own window. Enough already!  Good thing Jenny isn’t here, she wouldn’t be able to see anything out her own windows. 



Oh by the way, here’s  a family secret.   Benj is breaking up with College for good in May.  Owner and curly haired even know when Benj plans to dump her and they are going out for moral support.  It’s about time is all I can say. He’s heading off to China to visit David and, I guess, mend his broken heart? See ya later.


Telluride Dog Blog on Facebook – become a Fan.  Casey loves FANS. If you were a Facebook follower you would have seen this great photo she found this week…check it out.  Who knew Peruvian Alpacas could surf….surely this Alpaca has Telluride roots….. you heard it here, Telluriders are crazy adventurers. Enjoy this shot – found on the CNN newspage.

alpaca surfer

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