Friday, May 28, 2010

It Never Pays to leave Telluride



It never pays to leave Telluride.  Owner and I arrived back in town ready to roll on Monday. We’d journeyed with curly haired as far as Durango and left him at the airport for his flight to Canada.  He had some important stuff to take care of up there so she kissed him good bye, I rubbed around his knees a little (it’s how we do it) and then we took off for home.

Disaster struck. Owner’s phone wasn’t working or curly haired’s wasn’t working and so  his frantic calls asking us to return to the airport to grab him never arrived.  There he was stuck in Durango with no car, no airplane, no family, no Canada.  After journeying back to Albuquerque he called again to let us know what had gone down. Curly’s a patient guy but even I could hear his consternation over the phone. Don’t forget that last week his important trip to England and to Dimi’s graduation in Vermont got scuttled due to volcanic ash, whatever that is.

I was only in Telluride  18 hours and owner was chasing  after my hind end with some sort of plastic container.  She needs to learn to chillax. So what if I peed in my bed a couple times in the truck, big deal.  I was stressed; I drank a lot; I’m an old lady.  You’ve heard of shrinkage right; well this was leakage.  She whisked me off to the vet where they too chased me around with plastic containers near my nether regions.  I’m not a fan of attacks on my personal hygiene. They got a few drops and that’s it.  Now we are waiting to see if I’m sick. Sick and tired of them all making a big deal out of nothing is more like it.

It only gets better.  Next owner dropped like a rock with her altitude migraine. Ice bags to the head, boiling showers to  relieve pain in her sinuses, crawling around weakly from bed to couch to bed to couch.  Pill popping on a level I’ve never attempted also took place.  No go.  She knows better than to leave this paradise; six weeks at sea level did her in big time. If those guys in Texas want to hang out with her they need to move up here. She can’t take these air pressure changes.  Sometimes I heard her moan, “sell the condo, sell the condo,” but surely she can’t mean it.  She loves it here. I know she’ll smarten up when she feels better.   Owner for Pete’s sake just set up an appointment with Jolana Vanek as soon as you know you are coming to town.  She always makes you feel better with her little oxygen chamber.

Then Lane arrived to whisk me off to dog camp. She took one look at my coat and noticed I look a bit like a giant jigsaw puzzle.   Some nice black bits are linked up to some large brown bits in quite an attractive pattern. Personally I thought I was just turning a bit more cinnamon to highlight my chow status.  One look is all it took and she pronounced me a thyroid dog.  What the hell is a thyroid dog?  Yes, I put on four pounds in just under six weeks and my coat went to hell in a hand cart (could it be that drastic shave that took place?)  but thyroid dog? Don’t forget it was so darn hot down there that I could hardly drag my butt around the building in a tight little circle so naturally I gained some poundage.  

Owner is leaving me for a few weeks and for this I heaved a huge sigh of relief. I knew no vet could get their nasty little hands on me.  However, Lane called the Telluride vet. They were too busy to see me; hurray!  Next, she told owner she’d take me to the Norwood vet. Foiled again, me that is, I  just know they are going to stick one of those picky things in me to drain my blood. Lane used to be in my good books but now I’m not so sure we are friends.

So sorry guys.  With everything that has been going on we didn’t get out with our camera much.  Owner is more concerned about feeling better before she begins her three flights to Maine to visit Benj.

OH! there’s another reason we’re all a bit down. At first glance you too will think it is good news. Benj is dropping College like a hot potato. Owner bought a new dress to celebrate.  She was so glad to see the end of that girl. College, who  also goes by Bates,  has had her hooks into Benj for four years now and enough is enough.   Excitement ruled the roost because we knew he’d come home again and hang out in Telluride.  No…..that darn kid had to go and find himself another girlfriend.  Now he’s crazy about Job.  What kind of name is that for a girl? Job lives in Boston so Benj went and got himself an apartment so he can see her every day.  We are all feeling abandoned. Sick, tired, and abandoned.  It’s enough to give owner another migraine.  See ya later.

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