Saturday, August 28, 2010

When you say nothing at all



Very much in the moment, as you can see!

Bluegrass is a big Festival in Telluride.  Famous people come to perform for anyone who has had the good fortune to get a ticket. They even  play for those who don’t have the correct coloured wristband  but want to sit near the river and listen to the music without partying along ringside.  That would be me!  Being a dog  there is no way I can buy a ticket. I guess it is to keep me away from all the great food inside the gates, not really clear on why I’m not allowed to attend.

During the last couple years Alison Krauss has come to town; she’s a favourite of a lot of people.  Who doesn’t want to go Down to the River to Pray?  She prettinear makes me want to go get saved and I’m of the canine persuasion, in case you forgot.  She has another song that I love called When You Say Nothing at All.  It’s beautiful.  Since I have never said anything (out loud) I feel it was written especially for me.

When you say nothing at all you can live inside your head for a moment or two.   Owner and I are living there right now.  We are eking out every single bit of pleasure we can from single solitary moments because we know that next week life is going to change.  Once the surgeon puts the big slice into her foot….the only moments we will have to enjoy will be flat…me on my stomach on the floor and she on her back on the couch.  So, you see even though it is hotter than hell  and miserably humid we are working hard at enjoying ourselves every sweaty moment.  This is especially difficult for me as I don’t sweat well; you think dogs are scratching when in reality we are wiping the sweat off our paws onto our fur. Learn something new every day, don’t you!

A few special moments this week

Lulu Abe and SilviaSeeing my old pal Silvia and having her love me up.  Swimming at Dog’s Day Inn in The Woodlands.  Air conditioning blowing into my face while I ride in the car.  Chewing a pillow and playing with the feathers in the back of the truck on our way to Texas. Watching the white heron fly in for a landing on the dock in froP1060905nt of the apartment. Meeting Curly haired when he comes  home after a long day’s work.  Playing in Sue’s garden.

Yes, life has been good  this week. Change is on the horizon so I’m going with  “enjoy the moment.” Owner has no idea how she will get me out to the “relief” yard when she’s got stitches, a giant boot and crutches.  Oh well this too shall pass, right.

And since it is best if i say nothing at all….how about you copy and paste the link below so you can see this great but short little video.  (or google “What is a Moment….video.” Have you ever thought about the “moments” in your life. This little video covers them all with hardly a word.  


Quiet moment in the tall grass

Why this little clip makes me think of Tiny Tim I don’t know as it has nothing to do with Christmas.  Somehow I  think he would say, “enjoy your moments, every one!” See ya later. 

What is a moment - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


Seconds before sunset in Telluride – priceless!

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