Saturday, September 11, 2010

Michael and Shannon Sitting in a Tree!


Well folks, I’m back.  Owner had an operation and I got to go on a vacation for a few days to get away from the stress and strain of her hobbling around with crutches.  Ah, bliss.  I went for a swim every day down at Dog’s Day Inn, perfect antidote to the September heat of Houston. Nothing better than someone bringing your food directly to your kennel every morning, giving  you a “wakey wakey” pat and just generally spoiling you rotten for a few days. Where would we dogs be without our all-inclusive vacations every once in a while.  Sure it can cost a pretty penny but I’m worth it.  However, I was worried that owner would be languishing in the apartment without me to keep her company so dutifully I returned home. 

Yesterday  I got one of the  best hairdos of my life.  It’s been a long haul with my thyroid issues and patchy fur, bristly regrowth.  My ego had been run over with a transport truck!  Luckily,  those girls down at the spa really took some time to give me the perfect blow out…and the scent of the shampoo – let us simply say I have been sniffing my own fur ever since I got home.  Maybe there really is something to this “not rolling in dead things” idea. 

But back to my headline.  One of my favourite guys is tying the old knot, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Michael is the person who found me when I was thrown out like an old piece of junk mail. To look at me now it is hard to believe I was once a reject isn’t it?  Those people were  stupid because apparently I’m the smartest and most gorgeous dog who ever lived.   I heard Owner and Curly haired  tried to figure out how to make it to the nuptials but she is barely maneuvering with the crutches. Throw in  painkillers and you don’t end up with a pretty picture as Owner tries to waddle down the aisle to her seat.

None of us have  met Shannon but we’ve heard as many wonderful things about her as I’ve heard about myself so you know she has to be pretty darn special. Let me simply state she was willing to put on fire fighting equipment and head into a  “training” burning building with Michael, a volunteer fireman….he’s not going to find a lot of other women anxious to do that to show their commitment!  Michael is an honourable, responsible, loving guy and so we are delighted he found someone to share the rest of his life. It is worth waiting when you know what you want; the perfect woman doesn’t just pop along every day, eh?

He’s so responsible that he made me spend a day and a half or so locked in a tiny bathroom a few years ago.  He kept me company and so did his dogs.  He reinforced the bathroom walls with old tires and things to make everything stronger and safer and then we  locked ourselves in there with some water and some food and passed the time.  Weird eh?  Weird until you know Hurricane Rita was passing by, through, and around us.  The power got knocked out for two weeks or so and Texas without electricity is almost unbearable.  He was with us every step of the way even when he was offered accommodations with air conditioning.  He’s nothing if not loyal! Owner and Curly were up in  Maine checking out that girl, College,  Benj was so into for four years – still don’t like that chick. She’s no Shannon let me tell you that! Benj dropped her last May.  His new girlfriend is called Work and apparently she lives in Boston – not crazy about her either to be honest.  Why can’t he be satisfied with me?….smart, gorgeous and my fur looks fab when blown out properly.

Owner has always had a thing for Michael. Oh don’t be ridiculous…not that kind of thing.  She just knew he was a special guy.  It was something ephemeral; something she could never quite put her finger on.  Now she knows what it is…..owner has a softspot for men who love and marry women with children.  Obviously this is a cause near and dear to owner’s heart since she was one of those women when Curly found her and swept her off her feet.  Jon and David thought Abe had lost his mind….think of all the money you could have if you didn’t have us…but he was not to be deterred.  Oh, owner will give a big song and dance about marriage, schmarriage, it’s not the deal of the century…..but she wouldn’t trade one minute of her life with Curly-haired for a life without him in it.  Let me just say she blows a lot of smoke that he has trouble seeing through.

She hopes Shannon has the same  disposition and appreciates the special qualities that led Michael to her and her beloved daughters.  Men like Michael and Curly haired, and to be fair, women who marry men with children and love them as their own, are not a dime a dozen.  It is like finding the perfect Shamrock.  Are shamrocks and the perfect four leaf clover related?

So Michael…thanks for rescuing me.  Thanks for teaching me right from wrong. A word of advice – the girls will respond to love and kindness the same way I did but you can probably replace the dog biscuits with something a bit more to their liking…say ice cream?  I couldn’t have had a better first home and I wish you years of love, laughter and family memories. See ya later (big guy).

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