Saturday, September 19, 2009

Autumn is here!


At the risk of being teased,  it is time to tell you that Autumn is my favourite season.   Don’t start in with that old dog joke, ooh a car ride, my favourite! ooh biscuits, my favourite! ooh my mum is home, my favourite!  Telling this joke to a dog is the equivalent of singing, “and here’s to you Mrs. Robinson to Mrs. Robinson.” I have heard it before folks!

Fall is marvellous  because every day is different. We are more likely to have rain in the evening,  puddles litter the ground, the trees are turning gold, frost can be found, and  the clouds are hanging P1020573 in the valley.  Dawn is often magnificent. Of course Michaelmas is approaching on September 29 (one of our boy’s birthdays so it holds a special place in our hearts.)  When the kids used to  go to WaldoP1020575rf School  they always made  a big deal  about the clouds lowering in the sky, bringing darkness to the earth  as it  prepared to sleep through  Winter.  Those Waldorf  people sure know how to make a bunch of dark clouds in the sky P1020594glorious.  Look at our clouds yesterday  morning. These pictures were taken three minutes apart and even I, with my cataract-obscured eyes, could see the changes.

P1020568 P1020572

Have to say though that my favourite view was watching the little gondola spaceships ply their way up and down the mountainside.  I’m sure those cars were full of happy people heading down to listen to the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, and good ol’ Joe Cocker!  Long johns better pull on and off easily because it is cold now and will be hot by  noon  and  freezing in the evening….but if you dance enough,  hula hoop enough and down enough brew….you’ll be fine.  I may not drink but trust me I can slobber with the best of them!P1020583

As I mentioned, now  is a great time  for puddles.     They are so much fun to slop through, water splashing   up against my body, mud sticking to my coat and paws.  It doesn’t take  much dirt to get my owner in a real uproar …but she loves me so she continues to take me out to trot around and check out the scenery.  Of course, I’m currently more acquainted with the inside of our shower than I would like but everything in life has a price.  By the way, guys, can you turn off your sprinklers.    They are a great place to cool off in July but these early mornings they turn me  into a popsicle.   

P1020578 P1020607

I think this  puddle is the best one I’ve seen in town in a long time. It was a bit scary running through it because I had no idea if it was deep.  The Black Diamond condos reflected so beautifully that it warranted a picture.   We wandered over by Carhenge to see how many cars are parked for Blues and Brews.  There was a big sign saying no  camping  overnight and no animals.  Again that no animals prejudice! (except I think they  mean don’t leave your animal in the  car overnight which is only reasonable.  We like beds too.) Pretty sure I saw a couple car campers!


My early morning walk  was special  because we just skedaddled around taking photos and enjoying the cold weather.  This is the first day we thought about snow and being out on the hills skiing.  We had to stop by Lift Number 7 and see what was going on.  Not much.  There must be about 60 days left until the ski lifts open again and then life will get crazy. My walks will be shorter and not as much fun.  Everyone will be rushing around getting ready to take off outside and I’ll be left back on my mat waiting for them to come home covered in the smells of the hills. I’ve got to figure out how you get on those chair lifts.  I saw it in a video so I  know it can be done.  I’ll share that video with you when it gets closer to ski season.  It will make you drool with envy and you will book tickets to our town, Telluride, as soon as you can.


One or two more images and then I will say goodbye to you for today.  It tickles me no end that this town is set up so well for dogs.  All around town there are bags set up for our servants….we poop…..they stoop and scoop (ah, there is a God!)  And lastly, when will I scoop…..not until this pig breaks free and really flies.  Isn’t life beautiful.  See you around.

P1020615   P1020621

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