Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stores and banks and dogs, lots of dogs.

Swamp Canyon 044
So listen guys, what I’ve been trying to do here is encourage you to get your owners to bring you on up to Telluride. Pretend you don’t want to come, play that game, and that will make your owner even more determined to bring you to dog heaven! In the end you win, they win, and everybody is happy.
This photo shows me in one of my heavenly spots. I promised that I would never divulge the location though as it is a favourite of the locals so this spot is off limits. Did anyone mention bribe?
What makes our town different from where you are living? Well, have you ever gone to do banking? Thought not. The first time we went to our new bank my owner asked where she should tie me up outside. The appropriately hearty response was “tied up outside?, why bring the dog in here for a biscuit!” No way, you say. Well I have the photos to prove it. They have a big dog vault and you can load up. The tellers are great; they love dogs. If you get into the bank you will swear you are having a fabulous puppy dream. What I don’t understand is why everyone is whining about not having any money; haven’t these people been to a bank before. You go in, write down something indecipherable to my keen eyes, hand it to the teller and voila…they hand you money. If I, a dog, can figure this out, what is wrong with humans.
P1020495 P1020497
Thought I was lying, eh? Ha! That is one vault I’d love to take a little nap in.
If you are a dog who enjoys the finer things in life then this is the town for you. You can actually go shopping. There are a few places where you aren’t allowed in but not that many. A lot of the stores even have their own dogs. I actually was one of those dogs last year at The Bounty Hunter. Working was a great way to pass the winter. I curled up by the Amish stove and watched the snow fall. Fabulous. I’ll take you by there in another post. My good pal, JuJu (favourite of many children who visit town) wasn’t around this week so you’ll see his photo another time.
Check this guy out. Leroy….we got to be buddies as our stores were attached. Famous people come to town but Leroy is famous too. He’s actually involved in two businesses….Whiskers and Tails (grooming if you need a warm bath and a good comb out and style) ) and Dolce, a jewelry shop. You can’t work in a store and be hyper so Leroy is very chill! He can be found hiding under the desk, under a table, or centre stage… depends on his mood. A lot of great jewelry and sculptures are sold here. By the way, his photo was aired and discussed on Regis and Kelly – now that’s famous! He got his mug on a bag of treats too but the name escapes me now. He’s everywhere!
I’m sure you can tell from the photo he’s a bloodhound. He’s big, he’s burly, but he’s friendly. Drop by and sniff him out, you’ll be glad you did.
Talk about life imitating art? If you didn’t know, wouldn’t you think that was a piece of sculpture neatly displayed underneath the desk?
Further on down the street there are two of the sweetest Golden Retrievers I’ve ever met. One is elderly, age12, and a real photo hog. We wandered by the store and out she P1020484P1010297
popped to have her photo taken. Mission accomplished and she strolled right back into the business and lay down. Talk about vanity! I have to say, however, that she is a true patriot. On July 4th, Nala could be seen wearing the Stars and Stripes…right on Nala! I guess she felt too old to join the parade so chose to dress in the spirit of Independence Day! She has a lot to teach the younger generation. Her partner in crime at The Panhandler is Lucy, 3 yrs old. She’s much more shy. She had to be coaxed out from underneath a table to get her photo taken and went straight to her owner to make sure it was OK. Really, Lucy did the right thing. I mean, she didn’t know who we were or what we were doing. We could have been dognappers or something…..good dog, Lucy
Now this guy isn’t a store dog. In fact I don’t think we had met each other before. However, he seemed to only look left or look right. He must wans to be a traffic cop or something. His name is Ramo and he’s one fine specimen of a dog. If ever you have felt the urge to sit on a park bench rather than pee on it….. P1020475 P1020476
Today was a perfect Telluride day. Cool and sunny and then a few clouds rolled in. A nip of Fall was in the air and that gets everyone all excited about the snow coming in a couple months time. Everybody was just letting their fur down, as they say, and relaxing. Sadie the Labradoodle was enjoying some downtime with her owner. My favourite dog out and about today was sitting outside The Steaming Bean looking absolutely exhausted, as if he’d hiked hundreds of miles. His owner assured me he hadn’t done a darn thing all day long, who could have guessed that?
Today I want to leave you with one last image. From way up high on the Wiebe we caught the light just streaming through the clouds. If you’ve ever been to a big museum full of religious art…then you’ll know why this reminded me of some of those famous paintings. What well bred dog hasn’t been to Europe to tour? I mean, come on…this is 2009…..we dogs get out and about! P1020507 See you later.

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