Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just ask me woman!


  Listening to my two-legged talk about a nightmare she had last night just makes me want to scream…..Just ask me woman!  For Pete’s sake her dream had her lost in the mountains, friend gone for help, hiding out  in a cabin and realising a tiger was locked in the cabin with her.  Long story short, shoos the tiger out and notices another woman mowing her lawn who tells her, don’t worry, it’s my tiger and it’s friendly!”  She has to have a nightmare with a good ending to understand worrying is pointless!  Worrying gets you nowhere as any dog can tell you.  In fact we don’t even live life in measured increments like you  do…we simply live.  It is good advice for everyone. 

Do I look worried as I lie in the water that flows into Ingram Falls? She would have me whooshing away down river and over the falls if the male two-legged didn’t have her calm down.  I wouldn’t lie here if I thought there was danger.  Cooling my body  in the water is one of the pleasures of summertime and I intend to indulge myself fully until some flakes fall. (actually some fell the other night way up high so this may be the end of a quick dip for this year.)


Swamp Canyon 027

Talk about worrying!   Should we stay or should we go?  Of course we should stay.  I’ve made friends here, like Zak. I guess humans dance around a little more when making friends…do you like me, I like you, should we do tea? should we have a drink, can you come over?  They make everything into a big deal.  I sniff a nose, sniff a butt, dance around and presto  ready- made friend.  The last thing I want is to return to my boring dreary life of a two mile walk around the same neighbourhood day in and day out.  Could that be fun for anyone?  Plus, people are so uptight back there.  Let me tell you guys, when dogs meet  do not  pull back   on your leash.  Suddenly what  seemed like a friendly dude now looks menacing and territorial to me because his head is pulled back and his chest is out.  Relax! We sniff. Don’t take it personally.  We aren’t asking you to take a whiff.

Life is meant to be lived fully.  None of us, dogs included, know how long we have.  Things happen as they say.  Take time to watch a bee in a flower, a river flow, a kitten play…your life will be richer for it. (ok kittens playing….I just think of catching one and playing with it myself but that is my nasty side!).  Hustle and bustle is part

P1020526 of the city but here we get to slow down a little and for this  we are so fortunate. Miss Sienna, an older and wiser friend, knows all about how fortunate she is.  She told me that  waking up and seeing Ajax Peak change a little every day, snow frosted, turning green, full of flowers, turning gold…..these are important moments and not  to be dismissed.  Never do I head out on a walk without first glancing up at the mountains to tell me what kind of adventures I may have today.

Friends are out there waiting.  Friends don’t come to you …you make them! Moving into a new world and finding your place takes time and commitment.  I should know. This past year has seen me  constantly on the prowl for new buds in town. P1020525Juju here  is one of my best new friends and I for one have no intention of leaving him behind…those Rhodesian Ridgebacks are hot! I’ll leave it at that.   Plus, he knows his way around the finer things in life  -- Italian leather  for one.



NO idea who this guy or gal is, but any dog who can stand en pointe like that is someone I need to get to know.  Ballet is one of the few skills I have yet to acquire.

  Should we stay or should we go?  Stay obviously.  Life is good here.  Even  while working long days dealing with Australia and Europe or South America,  my owner can get outside and bike a little, ski a little, hike a little and feel healthier and more fulfilled.  People smile and nod hello.   Conversations are struck over coffee.  Work gets done but breathing is easier, once you adapt to the altitude. Yup, stay it is.  They shouldn’t even mull these things over. Look my way. See my head is cocked and the answer is in my eyes.  No need to worry, we have found our home.

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Susie said...

Hope your female t-l is listening to you. Wish it was easy for her to make friends, but humans seem to frown on butt sniffing.