Saturday, October 10, 2009

Golden leaves and blue skies.


Life has been quiet around here lately.  My curly-haired Alpha hasn’t been in town too much.  Well, I say curly-haired but he’s not quite as curly-haired as he was when we first met, but what do I care.  My fur isn’t as luxurious as it was back then either. Hair Schmair in my opinion.  He’s still the Big Guy and that’s what is most important to me. 

My owner has been acting like she’s feeling a bit sick.  Normally it is up and at ‘em by 8 at the latest.  Nature calls eh?  so I have to get outside reasonably early.  Whining, whimpering, barking are not part of my make up so she has to have a schedule.   I simply start trotting around the condo to let her know we need to get a move on, you know what I mean?  Anyway, she has had a bad headache and seems under the weather.  I sure hope it isn’t the porkypig or the piggyback or the  whatever-you-call-it flu.  I’ve been reading up on the symptoms and so far she looks normal. When she starts looking like this I’ll worry.


Actually if she starts looking like this, I may have to look for a new home.  I mean I love her and all but  hanging out with her in this condition would be ridiculous.    Oops forgot, think  now  it’s  the alphabet flu or something.   I guess it looks better to have numbers and letters on your forehead than to look like this poor guy.  Anyway, moving on! 

Telluride’s landscape has been changing every single day.   It is crazy. Texas thinks it has dibs on weather changing every ten minutes.  No siree….Telluride is KING.  We have gorgeous fall days with golden hills then a wind swoops in, the leaves fall down, we wake up to frost, have breakfast under a blue sky and then  watch it snow.  If your dreams are to be  a weather man? atmospheric person? then this is the place to be.  An ability to actually predict  the weather is  a required skill, not like Phoenix where you only have to be able to mouth the words, “Folks we’re going to have another scorcher! “

Even though tourists don’t think of October as the best time to visit town, boy, are they wrong.  When our mountains are coated in  bright yellow  leaves they are absolutely stunning.  I feel like I have been  living in a golden  palace.  Indian summer keeps  swooping in to surprise us and suddenly,  Bob’s your uncle, and the weather is  perfect for a long hike on your favourite trails.   No thunderstorms have  loomed on the horizon so we have had a couple chances to picnic up high.  Now that’s  fun!  I love it when they feel so happy  they  get carried away and  toss a few scraps my way….Cindy bread crust….yum!


One look at this photo and you can see we have it all….ok, we don’t have a ton of maples but who cares.  Gold is the new red! Haven’t you heard? It is impossible to go outside and not feel uplifted when you look at  golden   hillsides.  To have snow capping the mountains in the background  is icing on the cake.   Guess we need to hike up  Bear Creek  and see if the waterfall is frozen.   It looks like Ingram froze up solid in the last week but I haven’t been out to check. If you are reading this and you live somewhere that is always hot, or permanently sweaty you should come check out Telluride.  Yes, our festivals may be over and yes things are quiet but if you need to cool down and want a calm beautiful environment in which to contemplate life….this is  your destination.  Plus, I think prices go down.  That’s not a worry for me since I live free but  most  people have to think about those things.

P1020859  P1020821

Of course leaves are never guaranteed to last long are they? That’s what is so magnificent about nature.   When you see some gold in them thar hills you need to get out and explore before something new comes along.

We hiked up to  the Silver Lake crossing about ten days ago for pure pleasure’s sake.   It was one of the best little  hikes we had all year.   Well going up to Ingram Basin was a great day too so I couldn’t give you percentages  on which was more fun.  P1020735 I’m a dog, people; I don’t do math.

But, look at what  we saw just half way  to our destination.  Ice had formed in the pool at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls.  This is definitely a harbinger of things to come.  Man, it was cold up close to that block of snow and ice.  Luckily for me I had on my winter coat so I was fine.  I think I saw my breath though! 

 P1020771  Getting back to the Silver Lake Crossing….there was hardly any water.  Normally it is a huge deal to get across for the two legged  people.  They have to take their shoes and socks off, roll up their pants, painfully cross the creek oohing and aahing all the way at the cold, the rocks, whatever.  Normally I’m thinking for God’s sake quit whining and get a move on.   However, at this time of year the water was  quiet and barely moving.   The sky was  Arizona blue with not a cloud.  It certainly made me very glad to be alive, on the loose,  and living in the country.  P1020760 Going to Starbucks  in The Woodlands/Houston is fun because we see friends but it just doesn’t give you the same joie de vivre.  For you  guys who know the lay of the land around here…I wasn’t kidding about t he water level being low.

Now I have to share my favourite photo of all time. The planets were in alignment with whatever they align with, Pisces swam into orbit with the Aquarium,   my owner’s mood was in alignment with the day and so I got this incredible photo of the river.  It is obviously  advantageous to be  short because my eye level is different than yours.   My owner has learned to just give in and hand me the camera; she knows I am  closer to what is important in life.   Check out the sunlight sparkling on that water.  Don’t you just love it?  They look a lot like the tiles in the laundry room at Eloise’s house. Well, it’s true!P1020763

We picnicked away the afternoon.  Soaked up some rays.  I drank a ton of river water  in order to  mark off some territory  on the way down.   And then we went  home.  It was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.  If you don’t live here, you certainly need to keep us in mind as a place to visit.  Without a word of a lie, since I don’t lie…..we are a pretty great destination all year round.  OK….maybe not mud season in April.  That can be a bit  annoying because you have to have so many darn baths  but other than that Telluride really has it all all year long.

Couldn’t resist…I had to show the owners lazing around.

P1020773  P1020790

As for me, well I will have to  keep an eye on my owner’s nose in case she develops that flu. She’s off to Maine with curly-haired Alpha to visit Benj – and you all know how he has betrayed me this year.   She‘s always  busy preparing packages for David and his students  in China –  he adopted me and then moved.  I still feel the pain.   And she calls Kim on the sly  to find out  how she and Jon are doing up in Toronto.    I joined the family and they all took off.    I was adopted by  full-fledged dog  traitors.   Oh well, I love them anyway. I’m a dog; it is what we do. Gotta run.  See ya later.



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