Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That Darned Elusive College

  If you didn’t know…I’ve been left behind yet again.  However,  I’m  coping.   If I had had to go to Texas for three weeks I probably would have lost a lot of the fabulous work I’ve accomplished  growing  my winter coat.  It gets pretty hot down there and my fur just falls out in hunks.  Not good!   However, the owners aren’t only in Texas they took off to Maine. I heard her chatting with someone that they were going to check out College.
Now that! I would have loved to do.  Ever since Benjamin left me for College I’ve wanted to see what he had to offer that I don’t.  However, I didn’t get invited along on the trip.  I’m back down with Lane at Wash-n-Watch Dogs and trust me this is not a bad gig. More on that another day, you’ll be shocked to know all of the things we get up to at dog camp.
  Flying is not something I’ve done often but when I did it was locked in a cage deep in the bowels of the plane.  No one offered to take me on board and gently place me under a seat.  Not for me my own personal carried-in luggage.    And I have always believed I’ve been well treated and loved.  But get a load of this!  My owners were so taken with this little pooch that they forwarded on a photo of a dog they met in the waiting area at the airport.  This little dog (looks a lot like my cousin Aspen in Canada)  could check out the facilities  and then be carried on board in style!  Sad to say but that little floaty feeling we dogs get on Ativan or whatever is not tough to take periodically.  Just takes the edge off so we can settle in and get through a new and unusual or stressful, situation.  Her eyes are a tad suspicious wouldn’t you say? P1030256 Everyone in the airport was apparently  cooing and drooling over this darling little shih-tzu?  How on earth has she tricked her owners to allow this to take place?  Her future as a lecturer looms large, Everything you wanted to know about travel for Dog Dummies.   Hey if you are interested  Juno, we could do some bartering….I’ll teach you how to chase squirrels in the wild for some tips on owner bamboozlement.
Luckily a bunch of photos were emailed to Lane so that she could see what the owners were up to.  I hopped on line last night when no one was looking so I could get a good look at the guy.  College  is an elusive little devil.  I finally figured out my owners have no idea what he looks like either since there were no shots that hollered, Yeah, there’s the person that got Benj to move across the country and abandon me.  It sure looks differerent up there.  Telluride this ain’t.
P1030142 Most likely they want to see who he is so they can figure out how to win Benj  back  full time to our house.  He is coming back right? Jon and David left forever but surely Benj isn’t going to do that too;  he’s my constant.
What’s really weird is that I made some jokes about swine flu the
Laughing pigs  other week and then poor old Benj caught it.   I think I cursed him.  I can tell from this photo however that his visage hasn’t changed all that much. His nose and ears look just like they used to.    Thank goodness!  He ended up quarantined in his room P1030186 because too many people at Bates were sick with the flu.  Luckily he had a friend who was willing to drop off food for him periodically, maybe that was College?  Who knows.  Benj didn’t name him in his email to the family.  Anyway, he got well just in time for the big family visit and that was appreciated by all.
The place he’s hanging out looks pretty nice.  I’ve never seen theP1030197 P1030169ocean and although it looks cold and scary – not my cup of tea – I can understand its appeal.  I wouldn’t want to fall in to it though.  One time I nearly drowned in  the San Miguel as it flows through town in Telluride!  The Atlantic Ocean…..I’d be dead. 
Our trees were beautiful this year but look at these.  I didn’t know so many trees could turn P1030242 different colours all at once.  Fabulous.  Maine looks like a pretty cool place….well actually it looks down right freezing but still cool. P1030217
There is even a silly little  pond they call a lake at Bates.  Some very strange kids actually chop holes in it in the winter time and hop in.  Now Benj says he hasn’t done that  but he thinks he should before he leaves school.  I say No Way Jose!  Are you nuts?  As you all know even I shower in warm water…why would he want to hop in that thing  in the middle of winter with ice all around?  Humans are so bloody weird.
He obviously likes it up at Bates because we’ve hardly seen him in four years.  That College guy has a hold on him and it has to be broken. Perhaps when he comes back for turkey season we can chain him in his room and bring in someone to deprogramme him.  Maybe Midnite Schulthies would come over.  He’s a local;  he went to Bates  but he loves  Telluride and calls it home.   Come to think of it his wife,  Judy, went to Bates too!  Yeah, got to drag them into the loop somehow and have them give Benj a talking to. 
TP1030232he buildings up there look old!   They even have their own seagulls….sure love to  catch one of those?  So what if he has tons of friends up on the East Coast,  he has friends here so what’s up with that?   Maybe my owner smothered him too much?  Maybe she didn’t smother him enough?  I wish she had figured out the right recipe so  he would have hung around us a little longer. I like the owners you know but he’s so much more adventurous and fun.

Hey, wait!  Is this College? I think I found him. P1030239
  For Pete’s sake I think he left me for a Bobcat!  What does that silly feline have that I don’t have, I ask you?   OK, no one has made posters about me before but they could. P1030237 It is within the realm of possibility you know.
Hmmph! Think  I need to stay online just a little longer.  I’m going to fire off an email to Benj.  Surely to God he would never have left me for a member of the cat family. See ya later.
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