Saturday, October 31, 2009

It’s Hallowe’en, the Lamp is Lit


I apologise to everyone.  I’m a poor sport.  I get into a snit and there is just no getting me out of it.  This photo should be of yours truly in a cowgirl outfit.   Great idea right?  Well the costume  arrived and it didn’t fit over my fur coat.  It is too cold to shave my fur off to help that  darn thing  slip on easily.  You should have seen me…. I would have had to break  a front  leg to get it through one of the leg holes.  She tried though!  I never said a word just let her fiddle away until she gave up in disgust.  Why should I help her anyway?   Look at what Boris got to wear. He got a damn gun. What did I get but  a silly little fringed vest and a hat!  Is it not bad enough I periodically cope with dog prejudice  must I now handle  dog prejudice with a sexist twist!   Boy dogs get Sheriff’s hats, bandanas, holsters with guns and I get a froufrou bonnet and fringed vest that doesn’t freaking fit.  It will be a long time before you  see me get into another Hallowe’en costume….probably about 365 days  if I have my way.  Wait a minute, that would make it Hallowe’en again….oh well, whatever.

Boris at Halloween with Benj

My  new friend Shiprock sent me  his photo where he is dressed as Superman.  He’s looking pretty studly I must say.  If I hadn’t been tinkered with maybe we could have gotten it on. My motto is “no man like a man in uniform! “  Apparently he  put up with the costume for a short time but absolutely refused to move around the room to demonstrate how it set off his musculature!  Come on Shipper……strut that stuff.

Lauren Bloemsma 


Rolo here has been a good sport for years with his owner Maria. He had a few health issues this year so his costume has been put to rest for the moment.  It seemed too much of a struggle to dress the little guy up.  Everyone can tell he is  angelic – so he can get by without a halo this year.  Gotta love those wings, eh?  Why can’t I have wings?

Maria Cuellar


Teddy2 Here’s my good friend Teddy dressed up as a Knight in Shining Armour.   I wonder if Jon, the medievalist, could borrow his chain mail?  Teddy’s  wagging tail can act like a weapon, take you down in a flash.

My favourite photo is Louis.  Now he gets right into the spirit of the day.  Not only will he put on a complicated costume,  he sits patiently by a pumpkin and has his photo taken.  Of course he’s  patient because he knows he’s in control with that lasso.  See…boy dogs get to play with the big toys.  Completely unfair.   Louis is a quiet guy.  You’ll never hear a word of complaint cross his little dog lips.  Mind you he’s a Basenji…they can’t bark!  I wish we had one of those living behind us rather than the noisy, barking (breed shall remain confidential!) pain in the (censored) dog we have behind our house in Texas.  Could we turn that dog INTO a Basenji?


I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what I’d look like if I was a jack imageo’ lantern.  I think a lot of dogs do.  We just think on a more spiritual plane than  humans.  A sample thought?….what  if  I had been born a fruit or  vegetable instead of a dog?   What if my owner had been born an eggplant…these are my deep philosophical musings.  I havenLily3’t found any evidence of what I’d look like but I did find this!  Now, this isn’t Lilly as this  little guy  is a pug not a bull dog  (I’m not brilliant  knowing all the dog breeds) …but don’t you think that’s potentially what Lilly would looked have like as a puppy if  she had been born a pumpkin?


 image And I know there’s a little dog in Telluride called Tilly.  She’s small, cream coloured,  a bit rough around the edges because of her wiry fur!  but she knows her way around the bus, the streets, pretty much everywhere in town. She’s a tiny bit heftier than this, however,  if she was a jack ‘o lantern I think she might look like this…..

So happy haunting to you and yours.  Keep your dog out of the Hallowe’en treats unless you want us to fill the house  with unappetising results.  I promise to be a better sport next year. In the meantime, although these guys aren’t from Telluride I think you’ll get a kick out of them anyway.  Enjoy.  See ya later.

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A little one said...

Casey, Casey, Casey... don't you get it!?! If you let them dress you up for a brief moment, you get a Jumbone! It's worth it! Even Superman has his day, and I've got mine coming - let me tell you! Once the treats stop flowing, I might have to wake her every morning with a bark and a lick... early! Well, maybe not to much... this time change thing is killing me. What's up with that!?! Hope you're having fun in the desert. See you in a couple-o-days... (sort of like "jill-o-lantern", get it!?) - Shiprock