Saturday, December 5, 2009

Noel Night Gets Me Thinking.


It’s Noel Night Day.  Last year everything seemed to happen at night but this year the discounts are being offered in stores all day long.  I’ve  decided it is alright to allow myself to be confused.  Who knows how humans come up with these ideas anyway. 

We DSCN1961had shopping to do for some of the men in the family so owner and I headed into town bright and early.  Curly-haired took an hour off work (no one knows!) and went skiing.   This must be one of those perks he mentions when he talks to his friends in Texas.  Perks sounds a lot like purr and I thought he was talking about how rarely he  sees  cats  in Telluride.  Now I know.

Shopping for Christmas is fun if youimage have ideas about what you want to buy  and if you can afford to buy them, or anything even resembling your dream gifts.  The discounts offered from the grab bags at the counters make some things more affordable.  In one store we barely covered our tax but hey every little bit helps. 


Shopping and spending seemed to makJon in Dorchestere owner a bit sad today. I guess it always reminds her of Christmas’ past when everyone was still young and at home.  It  also reminded her that the dreams she  and curly-haired had for the  boys, when they were young,  are harder and harder to achieve.   They  raised really good guys who turned into wonderful men.  They mostly followed the rules.  You know….went to school every

day, worked hard, got good grades, went to university, and then recently  everything got messed up.   All that talk they swallowed along with their pablum


about following their passion and then  life will work out fine doesn’t seem to be quite as  true.  Owner feels bad that life is so much harder for this generation,   especially the kids 1992- Benj at 4 years oldwith big dreams and goals, than it was for  hers.

Owner had a long chat with a young person  in town.    I heard this story second hand because for some reason I wasn’t taken inside any stores today.   Most stores welcome and fawn over me so I don’t  understand why I was left out in the cold (literally).  Actually it was a bit embarrassing being tied up to the bike rack hook. 

Anyway, here was this guy and he had  also done everything he was supposed to do.   He worked hard, got good grades and finished his Masters in a field of study that was his long-held passion.   Many of our friends back in Texas are very proud to tell us that their children are going to specialise in the same area  when they grow up.   Well, this  young person   said, “make sure they think it through.”  Think it through?   “Yes,” he said. “Think it through. Follow your dreams, follow your passion but always be aware the world changes, demands fluctutate, and be prepared.”  

He used to have a job he spent years working toward; he’s just not doing that job at the moment.  Grateful for the work he has he certainly dreams that he can return to the field for which he trained.   He designed  homes for people – one of them was larger than most of us could even begin to imagine  (how would a human even find their way around in there, they don’t scent mark?) But, this is  what the people wanted to build and he  was happy to design it.   Life seemed perfect.  But, the economy fell apart and suddenly the Mr. Rich Guys  disappeared and the market dried up.  Now is the time to  to keep body and soul and spirits together so that when there is an upturn  he  will be ready to get back to the drawing board.    Dogs have a hard time keeping their spirits up when their circumstances change and they find themselves at Second Chance, for example.  Humans aren’t all that different.  However, give us a bowl of food and a belly rub and our spirits can bounce sky high.  Humans are better at  long term perspective and that is what keeps them moving forward, grateful for what IS today and hopeful for what MAY BE tomorrow.   Owner said she hopes more of the big spenders who caused some of these problems end up in jail….even if some of them are from her home and native land (the only part of her National Anthem I’ve ever bothered to learn.)   

You know she’s a big talker so she couldn’t leave without mentioning  that our boys are all around his age and in similar situations.  David seeimagems well settled in Shanghai, but is always trying to figure out a way to make a bigger and better deal and get on with his dreams of glory.   Luckily his passions are  Mandarin and China  so currently  he’s the one  kid living his dream.   Our Jonathan is in a difficult, stressful time and is applying for jobs like mad, up until 7 a.m. on occasion  sending out applications and curriculums to universities looking for  History professors.   He’s done everything required to get his third university degree….and whenever we see him he’s working hard reading, analysing and writing… even I, a mere dog,  can tell those Ph.D.’s aP1030619ren’t handed out like Hallowe’en candy.   He’d have worked his tail  off if he  had one.  He’s really into   Medieval History and is excited  to introduce young  students to the topic and  kindle their passion.  He’d be a great Professor  because when Jonathan tells you about history it comes alive and you feel that you are living in those times. To be  honest I  haven’t got a clue  what he’s talking about, but he’s so animated that I get wound up right along with him.  He’s frustrated  because even though he applies for jobs…..the interviews don’t get lined up.  The young person in town commented that  “at least your son currently has some jobs to apply for.”  It isn’t funny but it made me do a dog snort when I heard this because our Jonathan says something similar about  Benjamin.  Benjamin has the jobs to apply for, and gets the interviews but is still waiting for an offer.  He understand that it will be  hard to feel good about an offer, if and when it comes, when  so many people with children, car payments, and  mortgages, have been let go.   Our Jonathan would appreciate just  ONE of the interviews Benj has had and  the person we met  would like to be able to send in a resume for even ONE job opening.  I’m glad I’m a dog because this all seems too messed up for me to contemplate.

So on Noel Night, we are happy to be out on the streetP1030617 looking forward to  Christmas and all that that means to every family. Who wouldn’t enjoy the aspiring little ballerinas twirling and giggling  in the windows of Telluride Sports. (practicing for their roles in The Nutcracker.)  While we pick up the odd gift  we are hopeful that shopping locally will help keep local stores around.  Everyone needs to hang on to their dreams of a brighter future.  The only way to go is up, as they say.  We are all in this together, humans and animals….if humans lose their jobs then more dogs and cats go to places like Second Chance.  I think they call it the tickle down effect…..things get bad and no one is around to tickle you.  See ya later.




kim said...

The tickle effect, I like it! Great post.

Benjamin said...

Great blog! Keep on writing, Casey you are such a crazy dog!

A little one said...

"You got to have dreams!"

Casey, Benj, Jonathan, David and "Mr. Waiting-for-the-Economy-to-Turn-Around-So-I-Can-Design-Big-Homes-for-Big-People", check it out!