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Look what you get!



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Second Chance Humane Society – Ridgway


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Allison Dooley

It isn’t the best  picture of me but you get the idea right?   This was taken  four  years ago when  Benj was still in high school.  I thought I looked quite dashing but I did hear owner say, “gee, until we took that photo I  thought Casey was  really something special.  Holy Cow, she just looks so dog-like!”  No kidding! What was she expecting for Pete’s sake; I am a dog. Anyway,  to be honest it shocked me that those words could even come out of her mouth.  I shed a few quiet tears, picked myself up, dusted myself off and carried on.   She’s lucky I love her because she has a few “not so hot photos”  of her own that I could post  for all of you to take a  look at.  (David actually copied a few of her yucky pictures on Facebook and she was not very impressed! Serves her right is my opinion.)

Second Chance was supposed to come to Telluride  on Wednesday  to celebrate Noel Night. Their special photo-taking session, like the one above,  was called Santa Paws – I like catchy titles like that.  Telluride’s Noel Night  is an event where  every  shop has discounts and grab bags to encourage everyone to shop locally – of course! Santa Paws  sounded like fun to me and we planned to volunteer. As you can tell from the above photo I am very experienced with  these types of events and felt I could give good guidance to all pets involved.  However, Second Chance  couldn’t find a venue in which  to hold the programme so  guess we will just have to shop instead. As much as looking for Christmas gifts is fun, it would have been nice to remind people of animals in shelters seeking new families as well as providing people with photos of their animals with Santa. 

Did any of you catch that little heartbreaker movie, A Dog Named Christmas, the other night? This is a super family Christmas movie if you are looking for one. (Of course it can’t beat Prancer, my all time favourite Christmas film.)  Hallmark is working with humane societies around the country  to encourage people to  “foster ”shelter animals  over the Christmas vacation.  Two things happen because of fostering programmes. The shelter workers and volunteers get a bit of a break to spend time with their own families, and the animals get a chance to remember what it is like to live with a real family. For a short time they get daily walks outside, no cage, catch up on pee-mail, a little extra holiday spirited sniffing goes on, and hopefully some time to  play games with some kids,  doze in a sunny spot,  and so on.   Sounds like a good idea to me.  You never know….some of them might  get adopted into forever families.  Obviously everybody is on their best behaviour.

  My owner shed a tear or two at the movie  and curly-haired was heard to say, and I repeat…there can never be a time when we don’t have a dog around our house.   It was pretty nice to hear these words because it means they really do love me and appreciate the gifts I bring to the family table.

If anyone wants to foster a pet it is pretty easy to do.  You call up the humane society  near you and fill in some paperwork.  Then your house has to be approved as a safe and loving home  for an animal.   You specify what your needs are, your rules and regulations,  and then they match you up as best they can with the ideal pet for your family.  



As  an example of the good you can do, look at  Leo.  He has actually found a forever family and was the reason for the title of this post!  I mean Look at What you Get!  He was rescued by loving people but not from the humane society.  He was found in a campground just living on scraps.  Of course you can tell  he’s not living on scraps now, is he?! I like to say he’s a real scrapper… ha ha….but only in the nicest way.  He’s quite the cool dude with his glasses and wine!  I actually think that I could hang quite comfortably with Leo even if he is a cat. (I’m not sure but I think he thinks he’s a dog stuck in a cat’s body.)   I’ve never heard  of these  trans-species animals before and  as far as I know there are no operations for these mixed up pets, no hormones they can take.  Leo They are stuck in the body they were born with.)  Apparently he has been known to go hiking with his owners Corinne and Brett – until he pulls the old cat routine and asks to be carried.  A part of me admires that….act tough, then whine and get carried….hmmm….have to try that some day. (guess I need to shed a few pounds first.)  Even though he is an around-the-house fur  dropper  his loving personality and partying  nature guarantees this forever home is really his forever. Our loving personalities and entertaining qualities are why animals were put on earth in the first place (and yes this is true even if you mistakenly think  animals first arrived to do your work and provide you with food….WRONG….entertainment and love are the real reasons.)

 Many humans appear to go through life feeling a little empty.  We, as animals, can see how they  try to fill that emptiness with buying  things, bigger and better toys.  People who are the happiest generally appear to be those who know how to reach out to others and to share their good fortune.  Although it would be nice if everyone did  this all year long, the Christmas season seems to encourage more of you to reach deep inside  yourselves and  share. We animals can only give back in so  many ways and we make that a daily practice all year long.  There is so much we could teach you if you were only willing to pay attention.  Just remember, people, that there are so many ways to fill that emptiness inside and one way is to give unto others.  Whatever you choose to do this Christmas, do it with love. Perhaps you want to visit people who are living in old folks homes with no family nearby, perhaps you want  to visit hospitals with your pet (please! call to find out  how first),  help an elderly neighbour get her shopping done, clothe a teenager in some of the latest fashions her family could never afford to buy, or drop off a meal for a family adjusting to life with a new baby.  Of course since I’m a dog I love the next one  the most.    If you feel you have room in your heart to foster or, even better, adopt  a pet from a local shelter,please do so. Think what it will do for the animals and think what it will do for you.  I guarantee your heart will sing.

Now, go get your lights up and make some Christmas cookies. Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow.  See ya later.

Second Chance Humane Society…join their Facebook group to be aware of everything they are doing in and around our communities.

Come walk a Shelter Dog and burn off that extra serving of stuffing and mashed potatoes!



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