Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing it in…..

Become Casey’s FAN on her Telluride Dog Blog Facebook page.  Check out her shots of skiers up close and personal with a porcupine! Yes, a real live porcupine out with the skiers in Telluride.  Is it a good idea? Not making a judgment call on that one.  Enjoy.


The last words I heard were,”don’t worry about Casey, she’s fine. She had a pee.”

Is that all they think I need to celebrate New Year’s…go outside, sniff a spot, take a pee and all is well.  I think not.  I like champagne too. It’s true; I probably can’t drink as much as they can before I make a fool of myself but I’ve seen owner make a fool of herself….what about the night of the Margaritas with Kevin, Susie, Kristina and curly-haired.  She made a complete idiot of herself the next day lying  on the cool tiles in the room with the glass torture box (if you’ve read my postings you‘ll know what that is.).  Luckily for her everyone went out that day and she was left alone to feel sorry for herself and heal.

Anyway, back to New Year’s.  I’d enjoy a small dribble of champagne even if they’ve never even let me sniff a cork…..they think they are protecting me.  Going out with the wild French crowd for some Raclette….a kind  French fondue from the mountains……yes, I’m totally down with that.  Meeting up  for a gentle cup of tea at 4 in the afternoon to chat at Between the Covers….I’m in guys…hey it’s me Casey….I’d love to join you!  What about the torchlight parade and fireworks up in Mountain Village, can I come?  Standing by the courthouse and ringing in 2010….of course I’d love that.   No, I just get to go out and pee.  Woe is me.

Sometimes it is just not worth being a dog.  However, P1040674at least we went out for a nice walk along the River Trail today.  We walked right into a cloud. No, it wasn’t like fog at all.  It was like a frozen cloud covering everything, quite spooky really.  The funny thing is that as soon as I took my tail into that cloud my paws must have gotten wet. Instantly my feet were frozen and I was doing the two legged hop.  End of walk! Marched home. Damn.

Illness appears to be leaving our house bit by bit.  Curly haired and BP1040692enj have been hitting the slopes every day, especially now that some fresh snow fell.  Rockband took place with a diminished crowd…owner in bed, and a few of Benj’s old friends from Phoenix (and now France) banging out some tunes.  I had a good time lying at the foot of the drums.  Owner was so out of it she never heard a peep, actually thought no one came by.

Hopefully next week we can get out and get some great ski shots for you. No, they won’t be of owner…those would be  basic standing on her skis shots. Benj has a week left to ski his heart out.  Snowshoeing is coming up soon on January 7 at Priest Lake.  Our new foster dog, Donnie (at press time but that could change, we already lost Louis as he got adopted before he got here…we must have scared the hell out of him, eh?) should be around.  He’s a long long long dog of several long varieties…hotdog and big droopy-eared  Bassett Hound….hope he’s nice. If not, I’ll just make them lock him in his crate..  haha!!!! I have myP1040691 methods.  In my heart though I want to like Donnie because another compadre around here would be good for me.  I am so often misunderstood.

Happy New Year and don’t forget I’m on Facebook now.  We just publish automatically to Facebook and if you are a FAN (why wouldn’t you be?) your updates will automatically go there.  More pictures will be available there too as only so much can go into a blog.  Today you missed the great weather report for Telluride that we published just for laughs.  This was really in the local paper.

Crowded slopes likely today with a heavy influx of holiday travelers expected on Lifts 4, 5, and 12.  A big furry hat warning is in effect through the weekend.  Gotta love Telluride, eh?  Where else can you get a  weather report like that?

Happy 2010.  May you enjoy good health, happy times with family, safe travels, and JOB OFFERS to everyone looking for a job!  See ya later.


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