Saturday, July 31, 2010

Newfangled I’m not!


Tin Foil

Yup….that’s me!  Recognise me?  That’s me done up as tin foil!  Since when do I want to be freaking tin foil?  I’m a dog.  I’m black.  I have brown eyes.  Leaves are green.  Skies are blue…but NO some wizard somewhere declared I need to be able to look like tinfoil if I want to. My eyeball looks a little bit like Lisa’s laundry room tiles….now who on earth would consider that normal?

None of you have lived with owner but she is technically challenged. Suddenly we have a new camera with  all sorts of crazy functions of which she has no understanding.  Luckily some of her experience with her previous camera is carrying over to the new one but it is still a challenge.  Challenge for her? What about me….I don’t even have thumbs or fingers.  I’m not impressed.  Not impressed at all. It’s not like I can just go grab the old camera and snap a few pics…no, she locked that up in a ziplock bag in a drawer….as I mentioned no thumbs no fingers equals problems.

The only good news about a new apparatus in the house is that we spent about three hours on the Keystone Gorge trail on Sunday.  But, I must ask how many shots of flowing water can two people take?  It’s not like I don’t enjoy being outdoors but there were a lot of sniffs to sniff and territory to mark but WE sat by the river taking the same photo over and over.  OK, I say the same photo and that isn’t really true.  Water does flow.  However, I’m sure you get my drift! (no pun intended)


Sure pretty right but so boring when you just sit there clicking, clicking, clicking. Who cares about  apertures, shutters, F stops, menus…it’s water, it runs downhill and so should we.  Did I mention I had to be leashed every time I went near the water?  The kids have said she never let them into water over their ankles and I’m beginning to sympathise with them.  Does she think I have no common sense. What…I’m going to launch myself downstream to barrel into boulders because I’m a dogbrain?  I mean, Owner…GET A FREAKING GRIP.

Curly QHere I am as a Curly Q.  Ridiculous.  If I was supposed to have a curly haired retriever coat the good Lord would have given me one. Everyone knows I don’t look like this although it is better than the tin foil illusion above, same photo by the way.  Actually my bear bell looks rather cool….oh heck, forget I said that.  I cannot be swayed to this new technology.

Owner was heading off to take a photography course tomorrow.  I was looking forward to a day off from her using me as her subject.  It gets tiring being a model.  I got paid with an egg yolk in my dinner bowl!  I’m worth so much more than that. After all I have the patience of Job.

  Anyway,  her course was cancelled due to weather considerations. It is true that we have had some rough weather lately with our main road  covered in dirt, water, 40’ trees and boulders, and need I say “cars” waiting to get into or out of Telluride.  Life is exciting isn’t it?

Instead owner will head to Chorale Sing.  She made brownies for everyone and used a new type of chocolate.  Even I have to admit that they smelled fabulous but looked like the tar used to patch holes in the aforementioned roads after rockslides.  She might want to take some blindfolds.  See ya later.


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