Saturday, July 17, 2010

When the heck did they build this?

(just an f.y.i.  It’s Nothingfest in Telluride, CO  this weekend which means…I think I see naked people!  Will this mean a lot of photo cropping or just a teensy bit of photo cropping…always a dilemma!)


Getting around has never been my problem.  I get around. In fact I spent some time with Ginny on the trail yesterday and for every hike she mentioned I could counter with another.  Blue Lakes – check, Silver Lake – check, Whipple Mountain – check,  the secret hike only locals get to go on – check, check! (even have photos to prove it!). Walking up to Ingram Basin, crawling slowly to Liberty Bell,  scaling the mountain from Ajax to the little spot  you write your name in the book to prove you were there, Nellie’s Mine…..been there, done that. In fact, hiking and walking and cross country skiing takes up a good portion of my life here so was pretty sure that nothing could surprise me.  WRONG.


Now where on earth is this you might ask.  It’s relatively benign isn’t it? Obviously this is not a steep trail, level of difficulty Zero.  How is it possible I have been coming here for six years and living here for TWO, and I’ve never set foot on this path before?  Did it just get built?  Have people been living over on this side of town all along and no one told me? Did it used to be a dog free zone…like the place I’ve gone to frequently in the last few weeks? Can you only live out here if you live in a teepee? P1080888 None of these questions have been answered to my satisfaction and it is damned irritating.

The only reason my paws actually touched down on this lowly trail is because some guests came to town who had oxygen difficulties.  (or should I say deficits?)  Huffing and puffing had to be taken out of the equation for them, especially as they were already tired after spending five  hours a day tied up like pretzels at the yoga festival.  They wanted to see some countryside but see it slowly and gently. 


  By the way, this photo lies, lies, lies.  I was loose for about five minutes on this darn walk. As soon as we got closer to the tent and the river, owner decided I would be too giddy with new scents to sniff and  roll in  so she snapped me


on to the leash.(She bathed me later anyway, so what did she care?) My few minutes of freedom were super,however, and I’m hoping she’ll allow me to go back to this spot leashless. You never can tell.  Stranger things have happened.

If you haven’t guessed, we began our walk, I just can’t call this a hike,  on the far side of town….well that would be far from our house anyway.  In fact given the condition of owner’s damn foot we drove over to  Town Park to cut out some distance. Is she a weeny or what?  Actually, does she milk that foot issue  would be more like it! This little vehicular diversion suited our guests just fine. Who wouldn’t like driving 15  m.p.h. through town with the windows open wide so that taco wagon odours stream inside.   After our last hike on Keystone Lookout it was obvious our friends didn’t  trust owner when she said this would be easy. They had found Keystone a tad scary with its narrow ledges and sliding dirt. I guess they know she lies. (see above for confirmation!)


P1080880 P1080889

Yes, walking out of town had its advantages.  Usually we are looking into Ingram Basin from afar. We miss all the side bits.  It was nice to take our time and amble on out towards Idardo Mine and breathe in some lovely fresh air and see the mountains from a new perspective. 

What I don’t understand is this.  I’ve been out to that mine a million times by car.  I’ve hiked up from the parking area.  I’ve hiked up that road when we’ve parked just below Bridal Veil Falls, and I’ve been in the car when we drove a shrieking owner to the top of thP1080461e Falls….but where was this nice trail then?  Did I just miss it in my excitement  heading out on a hike that involved real “boots and a Camelbak.” Am I so shallow that all I think about is ME while sitting in the back of the truck and not about the incredible scenery visible through each window.   In fact, if you showed me a photo from Silver Lake would I recognise it as somewhere I have been?  (ok the fish swimming along the shoreline would give that one away but still…..) Is nature’s grandeur starting to become blase?

As nice as this gentle walk with Rosena, Sue and owner was, it sure seems to have stirred up some  unease? Maybe they just built that part of town yesterday and I never noticed all the houses out there and that nice trail.  Yup, I think that’s what it was.

P1080899Another perplexing question is this:  how come after a really nice walk in the fresh air with friends I don’t get to go to The Argentine Grill in Rico for lunch? It’s not like I don’t get in my fair share of downward dogs in a day, and God knows I’d love to sink my teeth into a good burger! See ya later.


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