Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello, You! Now skedaddle!!




Somebody dropped by to visit owner the other day. She was quite startled and unprepared.  To be fair she was entitled to be shocked.  She really hadn’t seen the guy since Benj was born and that was 22 years ago.  She didn’t like him then and she doesn’t  like him now.  Her worry is that now he knows where she lives in Texas and he’ll be dropping by every once in a while so  they can reacquaint themselves.   Curly haired doesn’t like the guy  hanging around but he can’t just grab the guy and toss him on his ear now, can he?  If you think that is Curly’s style then you don’t know Curly haired.  You don’t just throw people out of your apartment because they dropped by unannounced.  I must have been asleep on the patio because I missed his arrival.  I’d like to see him up close so  I’m watchin’, waitin’, an hopin’  but  it feels like   

It is terrible knowing that a stalker has his eye on Owner.  Stalker seems to be the most appropriate word.   He’s only dropped by that one time but I just know he wants to come back to see her again.  Whenever  we step outside and do a tiny tour around the building, or head to our car,  I hear that intake of breath, watch her stop, stare straight ahead and I know she sees him.  I look as hard as I can but my vision just isn’t as keen.  This guy doesn’t have the usual “human” smell…..he’s that creepy. A sad complication of his visit  is that owner deals with fear by avoidance so I’m getting outside even less than last week. 

Luckily owner took a course and then volunteered at the hospital  with sexual assault victims.  She understands this whole stalking thing so I have faith that she will get a handle on this guy. I can’t wait to see her tell him to back off, when she is angry she gets LOUD.  At Stock Photography: Box Cartoon Character Screaming Into a Megaphonethe moment though she is living in fear of another surprise ambush; the first one wore her out so badly she slept for twelve hours afterwards.

I admit that I don’t like seeing Owner under so much stress. My television viewing has changed to “dog training videos”  but those attack dogs scare ME and I AM A DOG.  I’d rather just show my teeth and make some good “Chow Chow” noises.   As you all know I’m a lover not a fighter but I’ll keep her safe if she needs it. Heading off now to work on my growl.


I have my work cut out for me.  I’m on a mission to find, attack and eliminate Owner’s visitor.  When I find you, Monsieur, Monsieur Nerve Pain, you are going to wish you never ran into Casey, Attack Dog Extraordinaire. 

See ya later.

Not sure this will be as effective for me as I don’t have all my teeth!

Loyal American readers will understand this cartoon much more than you readers from around the world. (and so you know…her foot continues to heal, slowly, painfully sometimes, but heal).

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