Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let the mind just wander…I’m good at that.



The dreaded words -- Leash ‘em up ‘cause here comes a Chow. The hair on the back of my neck stands up; am I in danger? Where is that dreaded Chow? Oh wait, it’s me.

(OK..this isn’t me but have you ever seen a cuter Chow Chow in your life….is this Panda Chow?  And I thought I was cute!  Do you smell hair dye?)

People need to learn that it is not the breed that is scary; it is irresponsible, clueless, couldn’t train a dog if they tried owners.   To be honest the smaller the dog the less likely it is to have manners. Sorry to be so prejudiced but humans seem to think that  if it is a teensy tiny pouffy pup then it doesn’t need to know to sit, stay, wait, and SHUT THE HELL UP.  What is it with little dogs barking at me as if they are going to eat my head off. Being barked at by a puff ball is definitely one of my pet peeves.  Mind you we did have a great friend with a gorgeous Bouvier, Shadow,  (good friend of Boris) who jumped on to the chesterfield from the backside of the couch, and who ran through a plate glass window so maybe my size prejudice isn’t fair.



A lot of my time is spent dreaming about the white stuff.  Howling winds and blizzards turn my crank! Happy skiers make my day. Ice balls stuck in my paws….not so much.   Hopefully by the time I get home snow will be a weekly teaser.  Owner was on the phone with her friend, Shannon,  talking about Chloe and I getting in lots of cross country skiing this winter.  Can’t wait.  I eat my special oil-laced dog food, take my glucosamine, my thyroid pill and my arthritis drug every single day.  This keeps my joints oiled and my body willing. The spirit? never a problem.




Owner’s foot seems to be getting a bit better every day. I think this means that soon we will be heading back to the land of the happily roaming sniffing dog.  Oh Lordy it has been a while.  Luckily for me I’ve been spending lots of time with Aldo and he’s a blast to hang out with.  Aldo may be looking for a home if Tina returns to her home country. There is no freedom at all for dogs in Singapore so she’s trying to figure out what to do.  We have a lead on a fun place for Aldo to call home but it is early days yet.  The words Tina and Aldo, Aldo and Tina fit so well together that I can’t imagine one without the other.

Every day I take a little visual check of Owner’s aforementioned appendage.   For a while it looked like a lot like my tongue, black and blue.   She seems to have more of a shuffle in her step.   Getting in and out of the tub is not quite the production it was a couple weeks ago.  Curly doesn’t seem to have to fetch and carry quite as much as he did  at the beginning of the recuperation period.  Slowly but surely we are getting back to normal. I have to say we have watched so much of The Closer that it feels like Brenda Lee Johnson  is a close and personal friend, even if she is rather cranky and selfish.

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  Now it all depends on what the doctor and the physiotherapist say….how did it end up that my life depends on two people I have never met?  Somehow it doesn’t seem to bother this doctor guy that I’m missing golden hills, falling leaves, and cold temperatures. It took a lot of work to grow my fur this year and I’d really like to show it off.


dog pumpkin carving 

It would be really nice to be back for jack o’ lantern season. See ya later.

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