Monday, August 31, 2009

I’d have warned you if I had known!


Don’t you find you start to apologise and it always sounds rather wimpy? I mean, I told you I’d be posting my dog musings on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It seemed ideal to have an etched in stone schedule. As a follower you would be able to set your watch…hey that really cute dog is telling it like it is today, let’s check it out. But, as you know Saturday came and went and I had no dog words of wisdom for you to ponder. BUT, IT REALLY ISN’T MY FAULT!!!! I SWEAR. I’m half Canadian….so sorry guys…we like to apologise even when it isn’t our fault. (by the way, I’m sticking my tongue out at my owner in this photo..she thinks it is cute but you can guess what I’m thinking if you look at my expression.)

Last Sunday morning everything seemed per usual. I awoke and did my downward dog yoga poses. Next it was a really good frog position where I stretch my front legs out as far as I can and lengthen my back legs out behind me. This gets my spine ready for a day of activity so I did about five. Try it, you’ll like it. I had my regular bowl of Science Diet (the joint enhancer variety as my joints act up in cold weather, wet weather, long hikes weather, hopping into the car weather, dabbling in water weather; OK, who am I kidding every type of bloody weather! “Senior” is what vets call me now and my pipes aren’t reliable so a tasty addition of pumpkin and wholesome yogourt are tossed on top….this getting older has its benefits I tell you. Just imagine what it has been like to eat the same damn kibble every day of my life. Who came up with that stupid idea? Anyway, as I started to say, all appeared normal. My two leggeds (t-l’s) took me out for a nice amble even though it was drizzly and cloudy. I knew it was Sunday so a good movie was probably in the line up.

They tricked me! I never even saw it coming. I guess I’m becoming complacent and don’t eavesdrop the way I used to in my younger years. My hearing is top notch. Isn’t it? There was nothing to intimate that I had missed important family news. When the word “car” was uttered I literally danced with joy. My arthritis magically disappeared and I hopped ecstatically into the back seat. Basically I puppicized (dog for turned back into a pup.) My head was hanging out the window and thoughts such as “I’m the luckiest dog alive” were flashing through my brain. But that is when they tricked me. After what felt like a fabulous drive I found myself in Dry Creek Basin – BOARDED! Boarded I tell you.

Lane is great. I love everybody at Wash-n-Watch dogs but I think it is fair to give me the news I’m headed to dog camp. I didn’t even get to take my favourite bed. How was I supposed to know I was going to be computerless and bedless when there were no suitcases in the back of the car to give me a heads up. Luggage is a dead give away I’m going away to hang with a dog pack.

So, I’m apologising. Lane is really good to me but she definitely has a rule about dogs using her computer…..VERBOTEN! I thought about sneaking on late at night but there are always a few tatttle tales in the group so decided to lay off my writing. Hope you forgive me. The good news is that it was fun to hang with my peers so you won’t hear me making any public complaints.


Surely you noticed but have you ever seen a finer specimen of a dog? I mean, I’m solid muscle! I would have made such beautiful babies! See you later.

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