Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer time and the living……


It's been getting colder lately and I really enjoy lying  around in bed a little later in the morning. My owner is all concerned about an extra five pounds (who cares?) and is determined we are going to go for big walks every day. As long as I get out to pee by 8 a.m. I'm good to go. 

It was really hot a week or so ago  and now I've had all my fur shaved off. It is only mid-august and I have had to  work  harder at staying warm at night. Sometimes the t-l's are really nice and throw a little blanket over me. I LOVE that. Staying in bed all morning was what I had planned on. My plans are in total disarray now as we are heading off to the River Trail for a morning constitutional. I hope it is warmer out today.

People are so interesting. Someone commented on my rainbow scarf and said that I must be for gay rights. Basically I'm indifferent to that sort of thing; I'm an equal opportunity lover. (also...there was that little operation that took place against my will.)  Rainbow just happens to look great against my fur, a girl has to care about what she looks like.  Once you lose that pride in your looks….it is game over.

Here I am unleashed  near the River Trail. Cheese was my food of choice for being trained to walk without a leash.....oh those were the good old days. Now I get a little pat once in a while with a "good dog" thrown in....cheese is so much better. Getting older and smarter didn't get me rewards it lost me my cheese. 
The day went well though.  I met a great dog.  He didn't ask my name and I didn't ask his. We sniffed around a little bit together in the grass. I think my sniffer is superior to his but his water skills were superior to mine. Whatever. He seemed like a nice guy but then he went all nuts on me. Hopping and jumping around in the water like a lunatic. Who needs that? He looked like an idiot, water dribbling out of his mouth as he cavorted around with a ball. I may be a mutt but I always portray myself with class. No balls, no dribbling, no cavorting...I prefer to treat the river with respect. I got caught up in a current once and nearly drowned. It completely changed my feelings about water sports. I do take baths when coerced but anything over the ankles is too much in my opinion.

P1010706 - CopyP1010713 


He kept telling me that this is water frolic and it is what dogs do.  I don’t think so…not this dog anyway.  Frolic is not in my vocabulary

Luckily I have more energy than this guy lying on his balcony but I so get where he is coming from….smells come, smells go and no effort is involved.  Could life get more perfect than that?P1010769

It is pretty obvious that this dog does not do frolic.  He told me to buzz off as I was disturbing his peace and quiet.  He’s older and wiser so I moved on. 

It’s been a great day hanging around the river.  I do like living here so much better than Houston. Every day is a new adventure.  On our way home we had to pass the Ah Haa School and some artists were out working on the river.  If I could I’d be a painter but I’ll have to be satisfied as the only dog photographer around.  Don’t these guys look happy?  Perhaps this fall they will offer a woodworking class for dogs and I can make a big birdhouse too? How cool would that be? 

P1010836  P1010823

Time to go home.  One more dog to meet.  Food is waiting and so is  my sheepskin that got brought home for me from Australia.  I’m getting older now and it is pretty comfy.  Wonder what adventures I’ll have tomorrow.  I’m a lucky dog to live in Telluride. Life is good.


See you around.

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