Saturday, November 21, 2009

A dog’s eye view


Boy, they go to see a movie which is supposed to be a pleasant event and suddenly they are home having a  heated discussion about what the movie meant.  Why go to a movie in the first place would be my question?  And this movie was in bloody English.  Imagine if it had been in a foreign language with poorly translated subtitles. In that case you  would be forgiven for having different opinions on what  the heck was happening.    Curly-haired Alpha  likes to take his movies literally and owner likes movies that make you think about what else it could have meant. She likes to imagine herself in the movie and curly-haired Alpha wants to be the director.  Not the best combo I guess unless you are already movie stars.

Me….I would just like to see things clearly.  My vision is seriously deteriorating.  I think they call them cataracts.  One day I could see fine and then POOF everything was a little cloudier, like looking through a piece of beach glass.  At first I thought it was pretty but now it is just irritating.  Put me in a dark room and I  trip over things as I mentioned last posting….a pair of slippers set a trap for me.   Benj better keep his suitcase out of the way when he comes home or he may find me sleeping in it; this would not be because I chose to  but because I fell into it and couldn’t get out.


Today is your chance to see the world as I do, minus the cataracts.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Quickly  you  will realise how close to the floor I am.   It is pretty amazing that I have any sense at all of what is sitting up there on the kitchen counter.  There’s no way  I can get a glimpse of a chicken or a lovely cut of beef.  That is why the good Lord gave me a great sense of smP1030444ell.  The fridge opens and I  appear because it smells so darn good. Actually if everything in there was rotten  I  would still come.  Refrigerators  equal potential. We will take stinky rotten cheese if that is what you offer; dogs in France must have it good. Getting back to my big dream of everything  rotting in a fridge…I  hope they would let me roll around in some of the liquified remains because that would be absolute heaven for any dog.  That  delicious thought aside,  I think everyone should have a canine pal because we provide a good vacuum cleaning service.   You can’t see the crumbs on this floor but I can and  I do the doggie snuffle daily  to clean them up. 



Coffee table anyone?   I bet you had to sit and think a moment, didn’t you, before you realised what it was.  Now don’t think my owner doesn’t clean up; she does.  Dust in Telluride is a never ending problem.  I don’t know if dust doesn’t show up as much in a humid environment or what, but here  at a “high and dry altitude” it is impossible to eliminate.  I’m only a fan of coffee tables when we entertain and have cheese  or meat trays  laid out for guests. When not in use the darn thing should be sent to a black hole in the bottom of the floor.   Wiggle room between a coffee table andP1030448 a couch is always a touchy problem, literally!  I can just barely squeak my way between the two objects but lying down is damn near impossible and I am not a big girl.  Imagine how Boris at 110 pounds must have felt and apparently he thought he was the size of a lap dog.   Many stories abound in this house of Boris, when the TV was lower,  deliberately standing   between the  TV and the viewers and completely  blocking the screen.  Old Bo had a good sense of humour I must say.  However, they ultimately responded by moving the  TV up higher  and never thought to lower it for me.  Most funny stories end up with consequences, don’t they?

I’m thinking of asking Santa for my own laptop with which to view my favourite TV shows.  Dear Santa…. I believe, I believe. (I think that is how it works.)



Here’s my view from the window seat.  Aren’t those cushions on the left annoying.  I don’t have proper hands so I can’t move them; however, my chin rests on them quite comfortably.   Summer time on a window seat with open windows is pure heaven.  The odours from everyone’s evening meals waft in on the breeze.  Of course my owner decided  to replace the seat cover materials.  Now they are beautiful  with  expensive fabric which was a huge mistake in my opinion.  I’m not really allowed up here anymore but they aren’t home all the time.  Who’s going to tell on me?



Lying in front of this little Amish heater is my favourite place during the winter months.  Yes, I love snow and iceP1030318  but when I get inside again I love to warm my toes and whiskers and dream my life away. From here  I have a bird’s eye view of everything that is important in my little kingdom.   My bed is just behind me but  I like to save that for evenings.    I don’t understand why but I have always preferred the floor in daylight hours.  Lying  in front of the stove gives me a direct visual on  the fridge and  food and water bowl.   You just never know when a scrap of something delicious is going to make it over  to the bowl outside of feeding times.  It doesn’t happen often (Lane) but it has happened and I’m not P1030446one to miss out on a treat.





It is almost bedtime at the OK Corral.  Time to get the leash down  P1020644and snap it on the old collar and go for one last evening amble. Look what they wrote on the back of the Made in Canada tag.  Those Canadians really have a sense of humour about things eh?  Gee, now they have me doing it too, eh?  OK, eh, gotta stop, eh?



So, time to head out and look at the stars, as they say. Water the lawn; check the pipes, write my name in the snow.  You get the drift, eh?  See ya later. 


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