Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First the news!


Can you tell my head is spinning?  I’m looking right, left, over my shoulder and all around?  I just heard our  house sold in Texas. YIPPEE!  or is that yippee.  The reason I’m confused is because I know the owners wanted it to go away and leave us alone, but  I hear the apartment they plan to rent  won’t allow me to  go inside for a look-see.  Why you ask?  Well it is that same issue I hit on time and time again.  Dog prejudice.  They heard I’m a Chow and I’m on the “do not admit”  list!  I don’t think Melissa ever has this problem. Her name is Chau.   We spell it differently  so people don’t get us confused,  but we pronounce it identically. Now Melissa has a special hat that university gave her and  I don’t.  It stands to reason101_0355 I should have a hat too because I went to dog obedience school and I was really smart.  Most likely I can’t get in that building because of prejudice.  A slight chance exists that it is  because I’m not a Chow with a special hat. I only have a silly  hat.


Anyway, moving on.  Today I thought  it was time to educate you  about ice.  Ice on puddles, river rocks and waterfalls seems to be the necessary prerequisite for snow.  Snow means skiing.  Skiing means visitors.  Visitors mean Telluride makes money.  Money seems to make most people reasonably happy – I’m not convinced on this last point.

The first thing I noticed  when I moved to Telluride  was  that wateCIMG0043r  has a personality.   In spring it races down the San Miguel  bubbling and sparkling and looking happy to be back in town.   In the summer it moves  a little more sedately.  People have  the chance to slip slide along in their kayaks and inner tubes or just sit quietly along its banks and dream.    Now I’m a dog and I’m going to tell you I can handle cold. Playing in the river in the summer doesn’t bother me  a bit.  But these people are tough!  Probably an hour before they stuck their butts in an inner tube that water  melted somewhere up high in the mountains.  We are talking no feeling in the fingers and blue-lips C O L D.  The summer tourists DSCF0003 leave and water takes on a new identity. In late Fall water begins to move thickly downstream.  It almost has a molasses look or a heavy oil aspect.  Thick water is difficult to imagine but that is what I am seeing now every day.  The water seems to be going to sleep for the winter.  Don’t you love this picture….it looks like one of my ancestors has had his head frozen in the river to remind me of my ancient heritage.   He even has ice whiskers on his chin. I get those sometimes.  Can you see the water’s heaviness? I can.


Next the riverbeds compete with each other to see who will win, ice or snow.  Snow puts up a good fight but ice always wins until snow covers him over in frustration.




Now ice in the river is fine and dandy.  Ice on the River Trail is a completely different ball of wax.  Yesterday my owner could not keep her balance as we hiked along the flat.  She kept falling over into a funny crouch.   At  first I thought she was dancing that old soft shoe because her feet were flying out behind her one after another time and time again.  Finally, she  got them under control.  It must have been a good core workout for her since she managed to keep herself upright.    She was rather comical to watch.  Later we headed to  the hardware store and bought the ugliest things she has ever purchased….they  hook over her shoes or boots  and have big ice picks in them so she can walk without falling down.  She has fought against buying  these for years but she has given up; nature has won.

WP1030081ith ice on the River Trail I  have to tell you that  our beloved waterfalls have frozen over for the winter.  Soon people will be coming to town specifically to see if they can climb up Bridal Veil with ice picks.    It was forbidden for a few years but I heard people were doing it in the dark which was really dangerous.  Of course like any town this could be just a rumour.  I don’t know.  I barely get out after dark and with no car we aren’t driving over to check out the waterfalls either.  It is hard to imagine water falling that quickly can freeze, isn’t it?


Icicles are one of my favourite things.   They grow huge outside  the windows of our condo.  Sometimes we have toTelluride 004 race out from under the front  porch just in case an icicle should pick that moment to fall.  Last year we kept moving Kristina’s car onto the street so that falling icicles didn’t  dent  her hood or roof.  It was smart because one day a big five foot icicle fell  and crashed onto the driveway. The name of the game is Telluride Dodge Ball.  DSCN1996


Ok, so the sign doesn’t refer to icicle dodging but at our condo it should! I’ll have to look for something we can put up to warn unsuspecting visitors of our melting and tumbling ice.  You just never know when it is going to be your turn to be hit in the head with some  frozen  water. And just because I know you wonder if icicles have a sense of humour….well they do.

2004-03 - Telluride 021

Everyone in town has enjoyed the warmer weather.   Enough is enough however.  At night we can hear  snow making machines blowing snow near lift seven. We are waiting for the real stuff to blow back into town like it did close tDSCN1086o Hallowe’en.  Everyone is ready.  New faces are popping up on the streets as “dreaming of

adventure”  young people move to Telluride  for their winter on the ski slopes… living the dream. It is time to search the closets for the long johns, dust off the helmets, and figure out who took my owner’s  new “low light” goggles?  Night are full of snow-filled dreams…and the reality ususally  coincides with turkey season.

Now where the heck did I put my winter coat?  See ya later. 

March Pictures 056

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