Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It’s time to give thanks everybody!



Well it is time for me to give thanks for my wonderful life.  When I think back to living in a cage and having no home I am extremely grateful for the life I lead.   In fact, I really have too much.  I have two personal dog beds, three bowls, lots of food to go in the bowl, a lovely waterproof duster to wear during wet weather,  a thick natural fur coat, and people who adore me. My sight may be going but so far my health is good.  Arthritis pills keep my aching joints calmed down.   What more could a furry little mongrel like me want.  The only thing I can think of that would make my life complete is a small piece of dark meat on turkey day! 

Living in Telluride has opened up a whole new world for me.  Now when my owners have guests I also get guests.   Recently on  movie night I was delighted   to have Zak show up for a bit of food and a night of “Keeping Mum”…..really good by the way if you are looking for a fun film  for your teens.  Last night we entertained for the Giving Thanks Day  and Lilly came over with Eric.   How great is that? P1030484Milan came too and was a bit surprised he hadn’t been asked to bring Hans…..those Rotties though? …small space?….three dogs…..their reps?  Oh well, next time Hans, next time.    Anyway, I admit I got a little miffed.  You can see I refused to look at the camera for anyone.  Lilly really knows how to work a crowd, perform tricks, and get everyone roaring with laughter.  I went over to inspect  the whole “tricks” thing and realised I had been led down the garden path!   She does tricks for vegetables….how dumb is she?  They had Canadian tortiere for the main meal and she did her inside voice, outside voice, rolled over, gave a high five for pieces of broccoli.  Weird, man weird!


Let me just add this…the  D ------A------Y I even dream about putting my chin on the table is the day Curly-haired Alpha  falls over in a faint.  AND…get this, he was  taking pictures and just enjoying the hell out of this English Bulldog chatting up the table.  (she does channel  Winston Churchill  well,  doesn’t she?) God, since her visit I’m  considering plastic surgery, can you believe it?  Jowls  are on my Christmas list.  Sad to say but I was embarrassed  for curly-haired, he was falling all over himself, laughing that unstoppable laugh he  gets when he’s having a great time!   And owner….she just kept looking down to make sure I was fine with the visitor.  How on earth did that help the situation? She was absolutely useless at  dealing with my emotional turmoil.  Let it be known I do love Lilly.  I’ve known her since she was just a little bag of wrinkles over at Resortquest.  Now, I hear I might  even babysit her sometimes.  I’m going to teach HER a few tricks.  You can count on that….remember my poop in the shoe trick.  That’s always good for a laugh.

Now we realise, as a family, that it is not just THANKS we should be giving.  GIVING is important too.  We  have found our little ways to try and give back.  Not all of the events  we participate in take place this weekend, but we are aware of our responsibilities given the lives we lead.   Santa Paws with Second Chance comes to mind – around Noel Night  I think.  I wonder if I get to go to that;  I’d like my photo taken with Santa.  

Recently,  we have been  busy giving to the birds.  Our grandpa in Canada has set such a good example for us that we have decided we need to follow in his footsteps.   We called him up in Haileybury, Canada (now known as Timiskaming Shores…how can you do that, change a town’s  name.  It infuriates owner no end.)   He tP1030462old us all  his secrets. He works hard to  make the birds come to his house rather than to his next-door neighbours.   He buys peanut butter, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and makes a big gooey mess.  The birds FLOCK to his place  (ha, good pun eh?). How hard can it be, right?   We went out and bought a nice big bird feeder, filled it with seeds, added suet because bird’s  need fat to survive the winter….and nobody came to our party.  So far we have had depressing results.  The big birds don’t seem to be able to get their beaks into the bird feeder or rest on it to peck  gently at all the great seeds we supplied.  The little birds either aren’t visiting Telluride this year or are afraid of the big birds patrolling the bird feeder.    Any suggestions anyone?  We want to give!  I want to hear those birds say THANKS…..well I haven’t heard my owners say that but gee, it is the least those tantalising little birdies can do.

And as for you and your  thanks, I have only this to say. If you are lucky enough to be a dog owner….GIVE THANKS.  We are the best thing that ever happened to you.  We make you get exercise.  We never argue with you about anything.  Every single thing you do is the smartest thing we have ever heard.   We love  unconditionally.  We snuggle any time  and give kisses unabashedly.  If you have high blood pressure, we lower it.   We clean up all crumbs under tables and on the floor. And, we are funny as hell!  Take that CATS. 



And now I give thanks.  I am thankful  to live in Telluride.  It is probably one of the greatest places on earth to be a dog.  Yes, I love my Lone Star State but my loyalty to my newfound friends and my newfound town runs deep.  What would my life be without Shiprock down the street tridesummer08_103making snow angels? (Gee in the above photo it  looks like he lost his head!)   Zak tiptoeing through the tulips, so to speak.    Hans hoping to come to dinner?  Lilly entertaining the family with her silly jowls and tricks.  Eloise eating her carrots. It is true.   I miss my old pals. I do.  But thank you God for giving me new ones.


Now  I know many of you  have seen this  video of my new hometown but I swear  it is worth watching over again. This little video makes my owner cry.  I’m not lying.  She cries with delight.   I think that is her way of giving thanks for living in this incredible town too.  If you have seen it, watch it again.  If you haven’t….ENJOY.  And let me add…everything you see is true.   It snows like this.  People ride their bikes in their ski boots with their skis and dogs alongside.  Avalanche dogs apparently know how to get on a chair lift…I do not!   People drink beer here!  HA!  Who would have thought that right?  Snow makes us happy!    Telluride awaits.


Shot and edited in the winter of 2009 in collaboration with the Telluride Visitors Center, Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association, Telluride Ski Resort and Telluride Mountainfilm in hopes of giving viewers a soulful look at the winter experience in Telluride

Happy American Thanksgiving.   See ya later.


Susan said...

Hi, Casey. Tell Benj and his mom that his bed is now the nightly resting spot for a 4 year old named Brian. Brian and his mom just graduated from shelter life to a small duplex. They are both thrilled with the bed...a place to sleep AND a place to store his stuff. Thanks so much for sharing!!

A little one said...

Just for clarification: I did not loose my head while making snow angels... someday she'll learn to work a camera!