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If you wish hard enough and long enough, dreams do come true.  I know because all  my life I have wanted to sail through the countryside with my head hanging out the  window of a big Dodge Ram.  We are  not big truckP1030502 people so I was pretty sure this wasn’t in my future.  Wrong!  Today we had so much stuff to transport to Ridgway and bring back from Montrose that we needed a pick-up!  My eyes are only closed to keep the wind out….I truly am blissful here.

First we stopped by the Second Chance Thrift ShopP1030504 in Ridgway.  We dropped off a few chairs we don’t need anymore, lots of frameP1030501d pictures that will brighten up someone’s home, and some second-hand skis that  will move someone up a  notch  in the ski department.  Benj had pretty nice skis.  Curly-haired had really LONG skis…..someone  tall will enjoy those for sure. He liked them  for big long glides down the slopes.  Someone somewhere is going to be a happy camper, as they say.

It was Black Friday today so everything in Montrose was hopping.  We did a quick Christmas shop at Target.  The deals were great they said.  I don’t know because I was stuck in the truck the whole time. Actually I Loved it!  I even went up to sit in the driver’s seat for a while.  I looked  HOT up there.  Home Depot, Office Depot were on our list   and then we looked at cars.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it would be nice to have a little more freedom, and a vehicle would give us that. 

Benj took off to Maine again.  We left him at the airport.  He tookP1030487 home a big batch of cookies in his luggage. He made them so I guess that was fair. Look at the size of them; they are ginormous. My dog biscuits are never that big.  No wonder owner is always worrying about her five pounds.


Driving home owner was busy snapping photos of everything.  I tried to smile at first but it quickly became old.  Relaxing and sniffing was all I had on my day’s agenda.  Turkey day was just yesterday  and already people are thinking about tree season. That plastic bag likely blew off  about ten miles down the road….it was flapping like a turkey about to have its head chopped off!


We must have gotten a little carried away thinking about  Christmas because suddenly a Dickie Bird (what grandpa in Canada calls the coppers) was flagging us down.  Once the nice young officer  looked into the backseat and saw they were in my care and control  he went easy on curly-haired.  Gee we weren’t going that fast!…I had just been thinking FASTER, FASTER in my head when I heard the big “oh no,” from the front seat. It was instantly obvious that  my dreams of speed were dashed.

We went from dried brown grasses, no snow, and warm temperatures to cold temperatures, snow and ice in just over an hour.  Things change quickly around here. Cows were enjoying a good mow down on the leftover fall grasses, especially the ones near Ralph Lauren’s ranch.  I wonder what he does with his cattle?  Does he ride the range? 



By now we are getting closer and closer to home.  You can see the snow starting to gather up high on the red rocks.  The river isn’t frozen and is moving pretty quickly.  I just want to say that if you think the blurry bits look good… should smell them!  Those scents fly by at lightening speed and you just get enough of a taste to stir your passions….deer feet, river moss, skunk tracks, snow flakes, rotten leaves, dead mice, bear fur, oooh I’m driving myself crazy with this list.


Once the Valley Floor is just outside the truck window I know it is just moments to our driveway.   People in town raised about FIFTY MILLION to buy this land and preserve it for future generations.  Not every town does that! And let’s not forget that the town has 2,000 full time residents, give or take a few.  Buying the Valley Floor was a monumental achievement and the town made legal history as well. Pretty impressive folks.   Telluride people value their outdoor space.

  Soon the family will be out there cross-country skiing.  I’m not allowed to go.  Dogs can’t go out on the Valley Floor because we disturb the wildlife.  I’m OK with that.  There are plenty of outdoor spots I can go that I don’t even try to argue this point.   Besides, I’ve heard that cross country skiing is really hard if you are a dog.

P1030485It’s been a bit chilly up here lately.  I spend most of my nights huddled near the heater.  The other morning I actually hopped up on the couch and burrowed into owner’s chest to warm  up.  The couch is sort of off limits to me but she allowed it this one time.   She could feel my fur was cold to the touch.  It was a heavenly snuggle.  When I say the condo was cold, I mean it was cold! One Christmas  when my owner and curly-haired were up in Toronto, the water froze just like this (our bathroom sink!)  in Ron’s bathtub.  You could skate in the bathtub.  

Anyway, just kidding with the above photo.  That’s really the water from my dog bowl on the patio! Good one, eh?  Keep warm everybody!  Hey, and if you own a big truck….come pick me up some time and take me for a ride.  I’d love it!  See ya later.


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