Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another dog joins the mix…God help us!



 What can you do?  When you have a friend in need they say they are a friend indeed.  Jeanne  has been called home to Mississippi because her mum has pneumonia.  Frank has to work. What’s a dog to do?  The answer turned out to be that Zak will join owner and Don and I on a couple of our daily ambles for the next four days.   Hope Zak likes Don; Don likes everybody. How much poop can owner actually pick up and carry at one time?  This is bound to be interesting.  So glad I’m not a pooper scooper. 

Well I say Don likes everybody but twice lately he has acted  very protective of owner.  The last two nights we have headed out on our final cavort around the neighbourhood when Don has stopped dead in his tracks and turned on his growler.  I mean GROWLER.  When he wants to keep owner safe he goes to town.  He’s a tiny little thing but I guess he likes her so he really turns up the volume.  When owner hears that Don is warning her he doesn’t like what is up ahead, she listens. His name is Don Juan and he’s a lover not a fighter. When he’s voicing his concerns we turn and head in a different direction.  I don’t do that. My attitude is don’t worry, be happy.  Guess I’m a loser in the warning of danger department.


Telluride is a beautiful place to live but  the snow situation has to change. Everything is dull, dirty and muddy with huge frozen puddles everywhere, some of which crack open should you dare to step on them. In you go, up to the ankle! Brain freeze!! or in our case more like Butt freeze!!  We are all feeling the lack of snow.  Owner hasn’t been out on the big mountain since before Christmas.  Personally this is fine with me and witimageh Don too.  We like her every waking thought to revolve around us.

Sometimes she seems to go bonkers and next thing I know I’m out on a comforter and dog bed on the patio and Don is locked in his crate chewing on a bone.  I’m starting to sense a pattern.  We get two nice walks, one particularly long, and before you can say abracadabra we are locked into our “no bugging the owner” zones.  Being older and calmer I get the better deal.  Don ate some insulation off the patio and then tried to eat a welcome mat so he gets the crate. Miss spending time with him?  Are you kidding,  I need down time too.

Curly haired took off so it is very quiet around here.  Benj is back at College. No guests on the January horizon.  We tried to lure  David home from China to spend time with us, but he turned us down.  My feelings were hurt. Gee it’s not like we can talk to him in Mandarin so he needs to lighten up on this studying thing.

Maybe  by the time the guests arrive in February Telluride  will be a winter wonderland once again and the dog sledding adventure will be a guaranteed success, like last year’s.  Owner had hoped to be a pro skier by then so Winter Telluride 035she could show her old friend a trick or two as they zoomed around the mountain – but at the moment that plan is dead in the water.  Her four lessons so far haven’t done much to improve her skill but she feels incredibly talented in the cross country aspect of Telluride living.  Every day she slips on her boots and skis, her IPOD, and takes off leaving us behind.  Only on the weekends do we all  head out of town to the “dog friendly” areas. Even I understand how it is tough to head out of town on her own with two dogs.  Plus she’s very directionally challenged.  It would be very embarrassing to have Search and Rescue come looking for us on  winter hike 030groomed trails.  It could happen to her though so we are better off waiting for curly haired to come home.

Hopefully by the time  you hear from us again tons of fresh snow will have fallen, everyone’s moods will have improved,  pristine will be the name of the game, and the house painting will be over with.  DSCN1112 Oh yes we have a weekend of major house renovation going on.  We will all be living squished in  two little rooms downstairs while the upstairs is transformed into a golden palace.  Well….that’s the plan anyway….as well as lots of red to fulfill the feng shui part of life.  I mentioned my Chinese heritage and suddenly we are getting a red and gold living area…it is going to look like The Forbidden City in here.  Who can understand how humans come up with these ideas.   See ya later.


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