Saturday, January 9, 2010

OMG I’m absolutely exhausted!



Fooled you!  Don Juan here….known as Donnie at Second Chance but this family is big on nicknames and I turned into Don Juan in about three hours.  I’m part Dachshund and part Bassett Hound…hence the ability to stick out my tongue AND flap my ear at the same time.   My entire life has been turned upside down and I don’t know what the hell is going on?  I was more than comfortable at Second ChanceP1040828 but they seemed to think I needed a little down time with a family.  This will help get me used to living in a home and getting ready for the people somewhere out there who want to adopt me as their forever dog. I’m quite a catch actually.  ...Of course I WOULD end up with THE CASEY of blogging fame.

These guys seem pretty nice but they have a “crate” fetish and apparently think it should be my “home away from home”. P1040837 I don’t know; I saw some darn nice beds downstairs and they appear empty, why not one of those?  I’m more than happy to try out the Goldilocks game. Crates are fine but I already know how to use one….so when they locked me in I whimpered and cried my head off hoping they’d change their minds and send me to the aforementioned bed.   They were appropriately tough (since I was just testing them) and made me stay inside for half an hour while they ran some errands….I can get a good sad going when necessary. In fact what they thought was crying was me singing…..Set me Free, Why Don cha babe, Get out my life, Why Don cha babe? (I particularly like that song as the written version has my name in it several times  “Don” right? Gotcha!  My tail nearly pounded a hole through the wall of the crate when I realised they were coming to set me free.   Sure, in a few days, that crate will be home sweet home but for now it just doesn’t smell like my crib  at the humane society so it stressed me out a bit. 

Holy cow I think I landed in a home of exercise maniacs.  I had hardly adapted to the fact that Allison abandoned me to these complete strangers when they had me in the truck with Queen Casey and off we P1040854went to cross country ski.   This is not a sport with which I am familiar. Instantly it became LEFT is an important word and soon I realised that meant me.  We only managed to hop out of the VOLVO and a guy told us that I shouldn’t cross country ski on a leash…..well, I had to because everyone was worried I might run away (it crossed my mind.) Periodically we came to a series of hills and they had to unleash me or risk death (theirs!) Running free down those hills was like soaring.  Casey ran alongside me and we bonded.  Generally my unleashedness was about 20 seconds long but it was still fun.  One time the hill was reallyP1040875 long and I just took off with carefree abandon.  The Alpha guy had to chase after me but he quickly understood chasing me just added to my enjoyment. Trickery took place…he turned around and skied back towards the rest of the pack so I followed him…..CAUGHT, LEASHED. Oh well…it will make a good dream.  Let me tell you this though….I understand the concept of Left; I understand the concept of don’t cross over the skis; I understand that sleeping in the van is essential once we are done (and perhaps not peeing in the van would be a smart course of action for me next time….sorry guys, but this has been a scary and stressful day and I sort of loss control of myself for a moment.)

Casey is beautiful.  I love her big furry coat.  However, I’m no slouch in the good looks department either.  I have the softest ears on the planet and cute little beige eyebrows that atttract a lot of ladies (although the operation was done to me before I had a chance to haveP1040827 a few little secret rendez vous with the girls). I think it is my sexy eyebrows that prompted my new Shasha household  name of Don  Juan…although my physique is extraordinaire, what can I say.

I have explored every corner of this condo.  I know where the glass torture box is and even stepped into it for a second…but nothing happened.P1040831   I guess I smell OK.  I went out on to the patio and mistook it for a garden so marked it quite well and quite quickly.  Bleach came out to clean up the scene of my crime.  COME ON….it’s my first mixed up day and accidents are bound to happen. This is my mantra…it is my first day, I’m bound to have accidnets…this is my first day……   It has become apparent that they are really nice about getting me out and about the neighbourhood with Casey to take care of business.  I’m relaxing now so it can only be uphill from here.  We actually went to a neighbouring condo area andP1040840 Casey and I had a blast dancing through huge snow drifts ….although her head and shoulders are higher than mine.  I practically needed  scuba diving snorkels to get through that powder but man it was fun bounding around out there with my new acquaintances.

The lady says I look like the perfect dog for a little boy who likes collecting frogs, snakes, and making forts.  What do I know but it sounds good to me. Little girls are fun too.  Other dogs don’t bother me.  I’ve sniffed about five new dogs already today and everyone was very accepting.

My only complaint was when my dinner got put out….Casey ran down and ate it.  I get it she’s the boss. For  Pete’s sakethough  she’d already eaten upstairs.  They were kind and refilled my bowl.   For all my exercise I’m just not starving tonight.  I only ate my bowlful.  It’s my first day and…….

P1040849It’s getting to be the end of day one.  I had a lot of exercise, I’ve been fed.  Belly scratches have taken place.  Food has been offered to me in the lady’s hand but that’s not really my style; I munched a couple pieces of kibble to make her happy but then went to my bowl on my own.  I’m not stupid….don’t bite the hand that feeds you….but it is only day one and  I want her to have to work at gaining my affection. I had a bit of a rough start in life and although I’m dying for a full  family that loves me for me…..I need to be careful before I give away my heart.  But my spirit is unbroken and I know that someone out there in the Telluride area wants to love me forever….it just takes a bit of patience.  Patience I’ve got.  Hey mom and dad…..come and find me!  I love you sight unseen.

Adios amigos! (hey wait…I’m part Dachshund, shouldn’t I be saying auf Wiedersehen?)


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