Monday, January 25, 2010

Would somebody please call the cops!


Don has had a few homes so he’s not too anxious to have any of us disappear from view.  This can be annoying as he loves me so much he’s constantly jumping me from behind and hanging on.  What is that all about?  Does he think we should glue ourselves together so as not to lose each other on the trail.  I think not.  A good swift(accidental) poke to the jawbone might just get him to untangle himself from my back end. My limit for this little game he’s playing is fast approaching.



This week has been a lot of fun for the both of us, however.  It is a lot more enjoyable to dive through snowbanks with a partner.  He may be short but he can leap and he can dive.  Being a dachshund he has a great sniffer and can spend a good minute or two with his headP1040910 buried deep inside a snowdrift.  I like  stinky smells  so occasionally dip my head in fresh snow to take a whiff,  but Don could do it all day long. 

Did you hear  the police may have been looking for Don and I and another dog, who shall remain nameless. Settle in and I’ll tell you the story. Our friend (----) and her dog (---)  came by to take us on a really great walk on Saturday.  It was the calm in between blizzard and snowstorm.  We left Bachman Village and headed out along the bike trail to walk to the poop cartoons, dog poop cartoon, dog poop picture, dog poop pictures, dog poop image, dog poop images, dog poop illustration, dog poop illustrations   I was feeling frisky so left something large for owner to carry all the way back to town…the things those humans will do for us dogs is amazing, don’t you think?  So she had her hands full….two dogs, bag of poop, one dog crossing from the left to the right to the left to the right as if we were all participating in a complicated dance routine. Guess who that was?

#23627 Clip Art Graphic of a Cute Brown Hound Dog Cartoon Character Jogging by toons4biz(----)  and owner were in deep conversation when suddenly an elderly jogger came by (well I say elderly but probably around owner’s age). The big dog (----) wanted the runner  to know that he was protector of the  pack so he let out a few good barks and Don thought barking sounded like a great idea and added in a little hind leg dancing and jumping.  Needless to say Mr. Jogger was not impressed.  Everyone apologised for the BAD DOGS  behaviour, not mine  since I always behave impeccably, but Mr. Jogger was  cranky and said he was calling the police.  We wondered what the call would sound like. Hello, I’m in Telluride and two dogs just barked at me. A leashed one jumped up next to his owner and barked. Come and (what?) arrest these people, lecture them, drive them home?   Owner is wondering if they will be in Cop Shop this week in the paper! She’s kind of hopeful.

Well, I have to run now.  I’m teaching Don how to relax when he stays home without owner Everything is moved out of the front hall just in case he should decide he is ticked off.  A ticked off dog can be a dog that eats things he shouldn’t…say a scarf, a hat, a pair of sunglasses. Luckily Don has done none of these things but we don’t want him to get any ideas either. I’m going to lie down, tuck my tail between my legs and bite him if he tries any of those hopping on my backside games he’s been playing lately. For God’s sake, I’m nine years old and I shouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense.



Mountaintails put a notice up that Don is looking for a home.  Let’s hope someone out there falls in love with his picture.  If they meet him they will definitely fall in love with his personality.  As we all say, his name is Don Juan and he is a lover not a fighter. 

This blog was completed and then owner humiliated herself and I have to share.  She had two phone calls in a row from a Georgia phone number. She picked up and heard a lot of chatter in the background and thought…. hmmph! someone wants to sell something.  I tried to get her attention that I knew it was different but she never listens to me.  The third time the phone rang she YELLED into the phone  YEEEESSSSS? WHAAAT?…..hoping they’d hang up and leave her the heck alone.  Well, if I’ve told her once I’ve told her twice, it never pays to be rude.  Who was on the phone but a potential family for Don. If they can put up with owner all could go well.

See ya later.


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Well now, who might that instigator be and how come I wasn't there? (I wasn't! I promise!)