Saturday, February 20, 2010

Got guests!


IMG_2787Winter Moon Dogsledding – Mark/Chantal Wood 970-729-0058

Telluride Nordic Centre – Town Park – 970-728-1144

What to do? What to do?  Two old friends of owner dropped by for a few days.  Between the two of them they’ve known owner for seventy five years…how the hell old is she anyway?  I know she hasn’t had plastic surgery…gee if she’s as old as all that she’s holding up not that badly.


They got to Telluride on Tuesday and I don’t think they were in town four hours before the wine bottle was open.  Pooh-poohing any worries about altitude they had that cork out, bubbly in the glass and down the hatch it went.  These are tough women….no one got a headache, no one fell asleep, and no one tripped going down the stairs.  Canadian women don’t waste their time when they get away on vacation. 

After a good sleep up they hopped. First they trekked out the River Trail to give me some well deserved freedom.  Heavenly to be out their with old friends…their laughter makes me laugh (on the inside of course.)  Next, Midnite was consulted at the Nordic Centre and both women were fitted for cross country skis.   Laurie kept


telling us she hadn’t done a lot of physical activity P1050298since her run in with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (which no one would want!)….but that didn’t hold her back.  She took off down the groomed track and didn’t look back for five miles.  Next we had to hear she was going to be in rough shape the next morning – LIAR – she was up first thing in the morning and ready for the next adventure.  Elaine headed out on the Valley Floor enjoying the beauty, the peace and quiet of no PATIENTS telling her about their symptoms.  She tried to get us to buy into the idea of her old cross country skis that were equipped with mohair strips….no takers.  No one knows she’s a doctor here  so nobody approaches her with questions re a diagnosis or medication.  She’s enjoying her time off in an idyllic location.



The best was yet to come.  Who doesn’t want to go dog sledding? Mark and Chantal Wood of Winter Moon Dog Sledding met us down near Sawpit on Thursday and we followed them out  Fall Creek Road to meet the pulling crew.  The dogs were psyched and couldn’t  wait to be hooked up to their tethers to pull the sleigh.  These are not petting dogs like me…these are working dogs and they live to run with those sleighs. 


Not only did we have wonderful CANADIAN Chantal to look P1050305 after us, but also her great children Lander (but you can call him Buddy)  and Teal were along for the ride.  These two children at only 11 and 8 have social skills and graces that many adults lack.  These youngsters made sure we were comfortable, offered us tea and cookies….just delightful.  Kids are always fun to be around but you can already see what amazing young people and adults they will be.  Kudos to great parenting Mark and Chantal!

Oh my goodness…..I never noticed how well owner can speak DOG!


Dog  sledding is like living a fantasy.   With a gentle snow falling periodically, the shushing of the sleigh,  the quiet padding of the dog’s feet keeping a gentle rhythm, and warm blankets….you could be lulled to sleep except you don’t want to miss a single moment of the experience and the view!  Owner has been out with these people before so we got treated to some of those marvellous Cindy Bread cookies and hot drinks while reclining on a blanket in the snow.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.  If you haven’t tried it….you must!  Just dress for warmth, bring your sunglasses and toss on some sun screen and you are set.


How on earth owner found dog sledding exhausting I have no idea.  What did she do?  Once in a while she stood on the back runner  and leaned to the left or the right to help steer the sleigh around a corner,  but how hard can that be?  Chantal is a teeny little thing and sometimes takes two groups out  in one day.  However, owner came home and crawled into the shower to warm up and then went to bed for an hour to sleep.  Oh well….we can’t all be tough.

Today was ski day.  Of course a blizzard was raging but everyone had fun out on the hill.  Good old Eric came through at Telluride Sports Camel Gardens with the perfect boots and skis for Elaine to use. She had on her Canadian Olympics gloves and never once complained about frozen hands.  She gets two days to ski every year or so and she managed to utilise her time well and get in as many runs as possible.  The snow blew  hard into  everyone’s faces but the snow carpet created for us to ski through was fantastic.  It was like skiing on velvet. There was a small break taken in the hut at the top of 12.  Apparently Elaine thought the hut was a cat walk because she seems to be modelling the latest ski wear in this photo.  She’s not shy, is she!


What will tomorrow bring? Who knows.  I have a feeling that it will be something athletic and demanding but then these ladies seem to enjoy that.  Laughs have been shared, wine has been drunk, great meals have been enjoyed, and there have  been many trips down memory lane.  They may be older but they still feel young on the inside…OK, Laurie says she feels 102 but no one pays any attention to that nonsense.  See ya later. 


Winter Moon Dogsledding – Mark/Chantal Wood 970-729-0058

Telluride Nordic Centre – Town Park – 970-728-1144

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