Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Special, special, Read all about it!

Special posting today as Don’s time with our family starts to narrow down.  All we want is for little Don to find a home of his own with his own forever people to love him.  He’s a doll.  Energetic, happy, snuggly, loving, never turns his nose up at dinner, loves a good chew on a rawhide, rolls around showing off his stomach to all and sundry…what more could anyone want. He’s never met a dog he didn’t like.  He’s never not enjoyed an activity whole heartedly.  He’s learning to fetch. He’s an all around great guy.  We will miss him when he leaves but he can’t come with us to Texas, when we go back for a visit.  Someone somewhere must need a good loving dog.  He’d do best with energetic people who are around a lot OR who have another dog who could use a companion. Every bit of information we have learned about Don (his likes, dislikes), his schedule…we will share happily.  We don’t think he’d be great with really  small children….he’s pretty energetic and might bowl them over accidentally.  Kids who want to hike, fish, cross country ski, ride bikes and be loved by a good loving guy….Don’s the man!

This is a photo essay of Don  out cross country skiing today.  A month ago he didn’t know his own name; now he is leashless most of the time we are out skiing.  

What a man…..11 months and solid muscle! 




Here he is leashless and loving it.



Rear view… cute am I?



How far away am I allowed to go today?  Wow…this far!

P1050242 P1050243


No, I’m not eating her hand; I’m eating cheese.



Cheese is great and all but where the heck is curly haired going?



I’m outta here man; I wanna run! It’s all downhill from here and that is a good thing!



Yup, I peeked.  It is pretty here.



The rumour is if I don’t find a local family I’ll be heading back to the  shelter. They are great and all but I really want my own home.


How can you resist me?  Look at my little tooth poking out. I’m adorable.


If you need a loving faithful companion, I’m your man. Just call Second Chance Humane Society in Ridgway and ask about Don Juan…..they’ll help you out. Information below!


Shelter Manager:
Allison Dooley

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