Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things Don taught me.



Please call Second Chance in Ridgway if you want a great dog with a loving heart.   He’s ready for forever love.  He’s still young,  very smart, housebroken,  and ready to be trained to fit into your home. With some dog school training he will be  doing party tricks for your guests in no time. He’s 40 pounds of pure strength with sturdy legs and those great paws that don’t collect ice balls!  He’s meant to live where he can hike and cross country ski with his people. His most important goal in life is to be WITH HIS FAMILY as much as possible.  He’s a joiner not a loner. His name is Don Juan.   Call Allison at Second Chance -- 970.626.2273, all staff will be able to help.   For more information on Don read through the many blog postings we made during the five weeks he was living in our home. Please pas this posting on to anyone interested in acquiring a first dog or a dog companion for their current dog.

 To say owner is sad that Don went back to the shelter is a lie…she’s a basket case! She doesn’t feel up to posting a ton of Don photos as they only make her sadder which leads to more tears.  He is a real love bug.  He just wants to be at your side all day long – not like me, Casey the chowbrador,  I prefer my own space whenever and wherever I can find it. Owner was sure when people saw how cute and heard how fantastic he was she’d be beating potential owners off with a stick. I actually  heard some whispers about taking ME to the shelter and keeping Don….they must have been jesting, eh? 

Don  can’t be ours because we travel too much.  He also would not do well in our apartment in Texas when we are there.  He likes to P1040856be outdoors living an active lifestyle.   Have you ever gone on a walk in The Woodlands….about 20 minutes is all you can handle in that sweaty environment.  Don likes a good march at a fast pace in cool air.    I will miss him because he became a very good friend.  A new dog can teach an old dog new tricks.  Here are a few he passed on to me while he was here.

1. Never settle for the floor if a dog bed is handy.

2. Never settle for a dog bed if a cushion is handy.

3. Never settP1040893 le for a cushion if a human bed is handy.

4. When on the human bed be sure your place  your nether regions towards the humans.  If you should pass wind….it will wake them up and remind them how much they love you.  This is evidenced by their warm  reP1040827 citations of, “oh Don!” “OOOOOHHH DOOONNNN.” (I’d like to say they never say OOOOHHHHH CAAASEEEY…but they definitely do that too.)


5. When you pee, (especially on a snowbank)  pee enough to fill a bathtub.  You  never know when you might get out again.  Enjoy the scenery while you are stuck waiting for that minute or two.

6. Even though I’m  a girl dog Don taught me it is Ok to lift my leg to scent those hard to reach branches.  It works like magic. I had always wondered why other dogs did that; now I know.

7. Never miss an opportunity to check a kitchen counter.  Who knows what could be up there.  He snagged a crust of bread this way.

8.  When lying on a window seat…. periodically growl at people passing  by outside in case they can hear you.  Let them know you are on guard protecting your humans. So far my growl is puny and pathetic but I promised him I’d work on it.

8. When sniffing, keep the nose as low to the ground as possible.  Try to  bury entire head in a snowbank to get an extra good whiff. I tend to sniff from about 3 inches off the ground, but my experience is a lot less enjoyable than Don’s and I miss a lot of interesting action under the snow.

9. Exercise…the more the better. Keep yourself in shape for any adventures that may come your way. Cross train is Don’s catch word….play fetch, cross country ski, brisk hikes, slow leisurely long walks, and jump for treats. Apparently jumping works the joints well. (I need my arthritis pills before I do any major jumping.).

10.. Act first and then think….for example if you see an open bag of dog food, dive in.  After you’ve had a good munch think about what you are doing and get out and hide. Pretend to sleep as if you never even noticed the opened bag. This is definitely my favourite new trick of all time.

11. Look cute while sleeping.  If you have a snaggleP1050202 tooth, let it show. Humans like this.

11.  Always be on good behaviour around humans. You never know who might become your forever owner.

12.  Human tears are for licking.  This provides comfort. Plus we love the salt.

12.   Always remember you are worthy of love.  Love will find you..we are dogs.  Dogs are adorable. P1050235

It’s only been 24 hours Don but the house isn’t  the same. Owner can’t stop crying.  I am searching for you everywhere.  I know you went back to the shelter but I keep hoping it is a nasty trick.  It’s not nearly as much fun eating my breakfast without you trying to butt in….those were good games, eh? So for now we  live for an  exciting call from the shelter that someone worthy of you dropped by and took you home to be their main man. This call could get curly haired to encourage owner to drink some of that incredibly expensive champagne he bought her for Christmas.  If the new owners  ever need a babysitter……we are here and would love to see you again. They should give us a call.

Good luck Don.  It’s a tough world out there but we think you have the inner strength to make it!  Love you, Don.  See ya around buddy.P1050197

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