Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dog prej, dog prej, dog prej!


Here’s Spring’s welcome mat instead of a photo of me. Don’t forget you can find me on Facebook at Telluride Dog Blog.  See ya there.


Well, THEY can say it is a wonderful world but it ain’t so wonderful from my perspective!  I’ve been cooped up on my mat every Wednesday night for weeks now, living in lock down during singing lessons with Ulli, stepped on a few times during the karaoke party…and then when the big event happens, where am I?  Prisonered in my condo, who cares if that isn’t a word.  Owner is dressed up, out and about, crooning, and here I sit moldering.  It’s enough to make me eat a jacket, chew some drywall,  except it is hard to start irascible behaviour at ten.

I’m not asking to be let into heaven just into the darn church.  This is new stuff for owner and she needed a little cheering section. Curly haired had to go back to Texas on business or he would have been there.  OK, so I don’t clap so well and howling was more Don’s forte than mine…but for Pete’s sake I can “wag” like a son of a gun.  Perhaps I could have sat up near Rhonda to signal the audience to shush.  But no…no one asked, no one cared.  For a town that is so darn dog friendly they sure know how to whip out the “unwelcome” mat when they feel like it.  Hmmph….


Nothing beats seeing little kids singing and snapping.  Just hanging around and hearing these little tykes sing would have gladdened my heart and made me forget about my jail sentences the last few months. The tall dark haired boy reminds owner of David when he was little and singing in little school choirs.  He kind of made owner teary eyed for years gone by.  Now this boy probably chose to be in the choir whereas David was likely forced….owner always prayed for one son to enjoy singing and dancing in front of a crowd.  She finally got one…Benj…it just took three tries.



Tonight I’m kind of glad I don’t have to go to the darn Spring Sing.  It isn’t Spring; it is deep dark mind numbing winter.  No way is owner driving and yet walking looks really daunting.  It is a whiteout at the moment. By the way they called this event Spring Sing. I’d say Old Man Winter is back and he’s one angry dude! I know what Spring is and this ain’t it. Why oh why did I get a haircut? I had to include a photo of owner’s Spring last year in France…now THAT was Spring.



Oops, how did those pastries get in there?



This is what we have today, as she heads over to sing yet again – minus MOI. Of course, we don’t get the green season here, as they do in Texas,  where everything is coated in a thick layer of green pollen, including my feet, my coat, the car windshield.   Here we are still doing white season and may I add we are continuing to do white season vigorously.  She dug out her winter coat, her boots; my God, she grew up in this climate she should know better than to have put them away.  Wishful thinking will get her nowhere.

P1060595   P1060597

Apparently the choir showed up, there was an audience in attendance, everyone sang well and had a good time.  Choir is over for another season.  Whispers were heard of a Summer Sing, whatever that means. They talked about high heels, short shorts, – on men! Summer sing must be a whole different ball of wax from  Spring Sing. Yikes! Maybe I’ll get to go to that one.  I think it takes place at a secret location out of town….well, I should hope so!





On a more serious note, here is an  important message presented in an adorable format. How do these dogs/cats get to go to the office is what I want to know? Pass this one on please.  It is a message that can’t get out often enough…spay and neuter your pets.  Yes, we love our balls but not enough to want to be a starving, freezing, lonely pet with no home. See ya later. 

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