Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tom Cat needs a home.


 Yes, it is still me…I’m just bald because owner hates my fur during mud season.



 Tom desperately needs a home…..if you know anyone who might be interested….direct them to The Telluride Vet Clinic ….970-728-4461.



You know I was once on death row.  I had about ten days left and then I was going to be euthanised.  Luckily David brought me home to live with Boris the Bouvier and my current family. This makes me compassionate  about this cat’s plight.  What goes around comes around  so  I am hoping to help find him a home, foster or permanent….Tom is not picky at this point.

Tom Cat desperately needs someone to love. This cat has had a rough go of it and picked up a few battle scars. One of these is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).image  This sounds bad but with love and care many cats live a long and happy life.  Tom needs the love and care part….. as much as they love him he can’t stay at the vet clinic forever if you get my drift! Even though the local humane society does everything they  can to help imageanimals, they cannot take in this pet because of its FIV.  Good old Tom (and he’s not that old…maybe five?) will need to find a home where he can live indoors  and be the only cat vying for your attention.  He’s a male, orange and white, and tired of living in a cage. 

Good old Tom has had a rough life.  When he arrived he received the dubious nickname  Scabbs.   I’d hate to be known as Scabbs myself but hey….he’s a cat and they are a little weird in my dog opinion.   Anyway, Tom is looking much better these days and feeling much better too! There isimage nothing this cat likes better than to be brushed….and he’s very affectionate (as we all are when we suddenly receive some loving care, regular food, have a warm place to sleep).

He has received been vaccinated against Rabies and been dewormed.  The vet can’t keep him forever though so euthanasia is beginning to stare old Tom in the face.  If you feel that you could foster or take on the permanent care of Tom Cat please call the Telluride Vet  Clinic at 970-728-4461.  They will be more than happy to share all of their “Tom” info with you when you call. Perhaps Tom is who you’ve been waiting for to keep your feet warm at the end of your bed on these chilly winter nights.  I hope so. See ya later.

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