Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Help me Rhonda..help, help me….




Picture me looking like this as I hid behind the couch during the karaoke revelry that took place Friday night in our condo.  Look at those eyes…I couldn’t have closed them if I tried.  I was kept awake hours past my bedtime….you can’t see the toothpicks  holding my eyes open in this photo but you would have in a Friday night picture.  Is there an anti-animal cruelty law in Telluride regarding a large number of people singing and generally going crazy for hours in the presence of a domesticated beast?

At least behind a bench at the Coffee Wagon I have the opportunity to sniff up a crumb of muffin or something.  No one dropped a tidbit for me to nibble the entire night of the big choir “hair down” event.




Good Lord.  You would have thought they were 16.  I think they thought they WERE sixteen.  The only song they missed WAS Help Me Rhonda? It would have been so perfect too since the choir director’s name is Rhonda. 



P1060443Could owner have picked a worse night for  her karaoke party?  Doubt it.  Blowing whiteout snow, the first colder weather in days, wind, ice falling from the roof….however, you get what you get.  The snow and wind didn’t stop anyone from having a  good time and in fact the windows had to be opened to dissipate the heat they generated with all of their crazy gyrations.  It got so hot in their that I drank through TWO waterbowls of water…not one person offered me a sip of beer, can you believe it?  What does a dog have to do to get a beer around this joint?

It was the typical karaoke party.  EverP1060441yone arrived, had  a drink,  looked through page one of the songs (Linda…does this ring a bell) and pronounced, “there’s no song I recognise.”  For the rest of the evening they (she)  sang along to every song that came on the screen, well almost every song.  In my mind Twist and Shout was the song that really broke down the barriers.  Suddenly everyone was twisting like it was 1965 in Shea Stadium.  I hid behind the couch with my tail between my legs.


Warner and Judy were dancing over by the dining room table.  Anyone who had never karaoked before found out how easy it was.  Some had been worried that they knew lots of songs but didn’t know all the words…well who really knew there were even  words to Wooly Bully?  Ginny kept saying…no way are these the real words, (hinting at them being much ruder perhaps?)




P1060481Slowly people slid home. Curly got worn out running the karaoke system but he never complained, not once.  Will,  Ginny, Pam, Linda and owner kept going until they no longer had a voice.  Ulli and Glory would have been there longer if Glory hadn’t  just flown in from California and then skied all day before partyinP1060480g all night.   Who knew they had Friends in Low Places and why doesn’t owner ever make some of that American Pie?  No one danced on the table and very few articles of clothing were left behind –  ok, one scarf but that is neither here nor there.   Kurt swore he wouldn’t sing a note but he seemed to sing along to every single song as he sat unobtrusively  by the dining room table.  Karaoke does that to you…the oldies but goodies come on and you have  to let loose.  Now once more….Who Let the Dogs Out? See ya later.

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